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If you think it's okay to assault a nurse, doctor or ambulance officer, we'll give you up to 14 years to think again.

"If you think it is right to attack a doctor or nurse, then we will give you 14 years (in prison) to rethink this problem"

This poster is worth learning from relevant Chinese departments~~

Popular comments from netizens

Necklace of suet balls:Even if the doctor prescribes high-priced drugs and receives red envelopes without medical ethics, it is not an excuse to attack the doctor. Others hate me as well, so what is the difference between you and the one you hate. You have to pay a jail sentence for someone you hate, and it's not worth it.

Deer and the Black Forest:This large group of people have seen others accept red envelopes, stuffed into the nurse's pocket during the injection? Or did the doctor stuff them when prescribing the medicine? Not to mention that all the money is in the medicine. The teacher's salary is also included in the tuition fee for your child to go to school. If you go to the commissary to buy bread, the money also includes the commissary owner's profit? Doctors are not human, so don’t make money to support your family? Have the ability to allocate funds to support you every year?

Young God_:There are scum in all industries, but only doctors are held on to this, because your fate and your life have to see a doctor. When people cannot control their own lives and rely on others, they will be afraid and hate. . Just like to do stupid things. It’s a pity that you can ask a doctor with this high requirement, but you don’t have enough quality to face it. Good doctors have them, but you deserve to let him treat you.

SEP_17:XNUMX:Up to now, there are even stupid people asking why the money can not be cured? Are you living in the real world? There are also a lot of comments about the quality of doctors. Could it be that the low quality of certain doctors can be an excuse for hurting doctors? Receiving red envelopes and violent incidents are not good things, but they are definitely not causal. Thank you! A few days ago, how many people could see the picture that the doctor had chopped up flesh, and felt that more people had whitewashed vicious incidents recently

c will change j:If the doctor thinks that it is appropriate to prescribe drugs and receive red envelopes indiscriminately, it will be given 14 years

funcreep:If the doctor prescribes medicine randomly, talk about what kind of medicine they prescribe. Don’t talk about small clinics and private hospitals. Just talk about public hospitals. If you talk about prescribing medicine, you don’t understand why the check is done. You think you It's just a minor illness, but do you have the professional knowledge to understand the serious consequences of a symptom? Take ignorance as an excuse for hostility. I think those who attack doctors are dissatisfied with this society, it's nothing more than because they can't cut off officials.

Like the wind drifting:Looking at the previous comment, I was drunk. Isn't the doctor a human, but a god? Request so much. The cost of medicine is the same as the price of housing. Doctors only work part-time, and they are also human beings. Think about the root cause.

尛youyiben:Are doctors and nurses only receiving red packets? ! Why didn't you see other professions being scolded and hacked? ! Is the medical industry a service industry? Why haven't you seen anyone who is rich enough to live forever? !

Red hand:You can have a reason for beating someone but you have to pay for it if you beat anyone. It's cool to beat someone for a while. It's not that easy to pat your butt and leave.

Nan Shan 丨 But for the king:That's enough. The profession of saving the dead and healing the wounded has been repeatedly attacked. Does anyone think it is right? Do most doctors and nurses work well? Why did you die? What kind of medical trouble, if you have the ability, what kind of hospital should you go to?

In fact, there are also medical incidents in Australian hospitals.

As a recent example, the Sydney dentist incident that was full of storms some time ago, tens of thousands of patients were at risk of contracting AIDS, hepatitis A and hepatitis B due to improper operation by the dentist.

The NSW Department of Health’s consultation and complaint calls were blown up, and many patients went for blood tests. However, I have not heard of any patient who attacked the medical staff because of dissatisfaction. At most, it was just cursing on the Internet. . .

On the other hand, a recent Weibo named "Desperate Doctor's Daughter" posted a complaint that his doctor's mother was innocently beaten up by the patient's family to vent her anger. The editor felt deeply sad and helpless. . .

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