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The dust storm accident in Taiwan's Baxian Water Park has attracted international attention. Australian medical supplies manufacturers donated free skin regeneration sprays, which can replace traditional skin grafting techniques to treat patients with first- and second-degree small-scale burns.

澳洲医师Fiona Wood研发的皮肤再生喷雾技术曾用于治疗巴厘岛爆炸案受害者。将ReCell皮肤喷雾技术商业化的Avita Medical公司出于人道主义考量,已经派出公司代表专程前往台湾,探讨用皮肤再生喷雾治疗伤员事宜。

Dr. Wood said that the Eight Immortals dust storm caused 495 burns, including 2 deaths, and was the most serious burn and scald accident she had ever seen.

"You look at these data, it's really amazing. They are so young and their lives have been changed." She said, "The number of victims is larger than any accident we have dealt with. I think this is definitely a recent one. The worst burn disaster in the world. This is really amazing, and the mechanism of the accident is still unpredictable."


The colored powder used by Baxian Water Park in large-scale party activities mainly for teenagers is flammable and ignited, causing explosions and fires.

According to the "New Technology News", the traditional surgical method for treating severe second-degree burns is extremely invasive. It removes a piece of skin from the patient and transplants it to the affected part of the burn. Although this process is effective, it also becomes the affected part because of the location of the skin. , The patient has to bear double the pain. The skin regeneration spray is taken from the patient's autologous epidermal cells. After being decomposed by enzymes, it can be sprayed on the burns and scalds to accelerate the skin regeneration of the affected areas. Its biggest advantage is that the skin area can be reduced to the size of a stamp.

ReCell要价依烧伤面积约在 6-15 万台币,且属一次性使用,因此在台湾接受度有限。伍德医师说,Avita Medical已经联络了台湾当局,表示愿意捐赠50套ReCell喷雾制造设备提供协助。

Avita Medical执行长柯里赫(Adam Kelliher)表示,公司此次捐赠喷雾制造设备并提供人员协助纯粹是处于人道主义立场。“我们已经准备好提供他们可能需要的任何医疗人员协助,尤其是眼下有大量皮肤移植手术正在进行当中。”

ReCell技术早在1993 年就提出,2002年巴厘岛爆炸事件,造成202人死亡,包括88名澳洲人和38名印尼人,209受伤,当时伍德医师就带着她研发的皮肤再生喷雾技术到当地协助治疗,之后也参与许多全球烧烫伤意外事件的治疗过程。

去年,美国食品药物管理局(FDA)已核准ReCell临床实验扩大应用在5 岁以上孩童,目前包括欧洲、澳洲、加拿大、墨西哥、中国已核准上市。

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