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If you don’t count it carefully, you don’t know that these health care products in pharmacies have been wiped out. Everyone knows that the health problem is the biggest. Australia’s health care products are the largest in the world.

So the question is, what kind of paper does Australia's hot list of health products look like?

First place:Collagen

Keywords: baby skin

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Everyone knows that collagen is good, so where is collagen? Collagen is a sign of young and elastic skin. After the age of 25, the collagen in the body begins to be lost, so the skin becomes loose and wrinkled. Long-term use of collagen can replenish the original and lost collagen in the skin, super anti-oxidation, and keep the skin young.

Second place:Grape seed

Keywords: the myth of immortality


"Grape seed" is known as an edible cosmetic. This bottle can be eaten for nearly half a year and is a natural antioxidant. Grape seed can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and hinder the production of melanin. So as to whiten spots from the inside out, reduce wrinkles and delay aging.

Third place: Cranberry

Keywords: Women's Treasure
Each capsule contains 25g of fresh cranberry juice to help prevent recurring urinary tract infections, cystitis, urethritis, and remove private odors. Regardless of fainting before marriage or after childbirth, protecting the uterus and preventing gynecological diseases in advance is a must for every woman.

fourth place:Lokang cream

Keywords: Scavenger


"Wash your intestines and take a bath~" If you have been suffering from constipation for a long time, you must consider trying Lekang cream. A natural paste made from a mixture of various fruits, clears the intestines and detoxifies, increases the self-cleaning function of the intestines and stomach, and is known as the intestinal super scavenger. The stomach is good, digestion is good, and then the stomach is small. It is recommended to take it before going to bed to help detoxification, wake up the next morning, you know~

Fifth place: calcium,Vitamin

Keywords: Compound


Ruili magazine madly recommends that the benefits of vitamin D3 and calcium needless to say, the key is compounding! ! Combining these together is a powerful one, which is especially convenient for children to add. It's just the feeling of having a bottle in the world. Take one pill every day to make the whole family healthy.

Sixth place:Nature's Way Adult Multi-Vitamin Gummy

Keywords: lazy glutton

640-14It tastes like QQ candy. This model is also different for men and women. The effect is similar to the above, and it also helps the human body to supplement the various vitamins needed daily. It is suitable for those who do not take medicine on time and always forget to take it. There is a bottle in the office and I can't stop it. (It is recommended to take 2-4 tablets a day, don't be greedy!)

PS: The above two models have male/female differences, because different genders require different nutrition. Don’t eat wrong, be careful when a woman eats it and becomes a man, hahaha~

Seventh place:Swisse calcium+VD tablets

Keywords: Western style


The most common symptoms of calcium deficiency are loose teeth, backaches, hair loss, and heel pain! !
Why is this calcium tablet good? This will revolve around the western vocabulary of +VD. Because the calcium part is mainly calcium citrate, it is easier to be absorbed by the body. Vitamin D, mainly D3, can improve the body's absorption of calcium! Promote the growth and development of adolescents; prevent and treat osteoporosis, fractures, backaches, cramps, and hunched back for adults; not to mention more for pregnant and lactating women, and middle-aged and elderly people.

eight place: Propolis 

Keywords: skin problems


After the capsule is cut open, it is relatively viscous pure propolis. It can improve all kinds of skin problems and improve self-immunity. If you are often plagued by repeated oral ulcers, you are prone to colds, fatigue, and acne. The most important thing is that because it contains no sugar, people with diabetes or high blood sugar can also eat propolis.
Ninth: Sheep Placenta

Keywords: beauty, beauty! !

"If youth has an ageless face, I hope she will never be changed"

After 25 years of age, the body's metabolism enters a negative and unbalanced state, and the rate of aging is faster than the rate of renewal. In addition to the aging of various human organs, the changes in the skin, which accounts for the largest area of ​​the human body, are the most obvious. In addition, due to the pressure and environment of work and life, poor gastrointestinal function is also a common situation. Various nutrients accumulate in the stomach and cannot be absorbed by the body.

Sheep Placenta allows you not only to sing your youth into a song, but also to keep the years in your feet.

Sheep placenta extract has the characteristics of high purity, high quality, and high safety. It has a repairing effect on human tissues, delaying aging, and beautifying beauty.

Tenth place: papaya cream

Keywords: Australian balm

There is horse oil in Japan and South Korea, grass balm in Thailand, and papaya balm in Australia.

In terms of efficacy, it is also very powerful, including burns and sunburns, anti-inflammatory and acne, hand and foot protection, black circles under the eyes, and baby buttocks are omnipotent. In winter, you can see foreigners use it as a lip balm. If you go to Australia, it would be a shame not to buy a dozen papaya paste!

Popularity says it all! Since these products are so popular, the effect is definitely not groundless.

The article is reproduced from "Australian Living Space"


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