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Editor: Although in recent years, Australian media like to use "Chinese local tyrants to buy out Australia" to start. I also like to let the Chinese community carry the unclear problem of skyrocketing housing prices. But over time, this is likely to cause historical racial prejudice. And our next generation will grow up with this hazy prejudice. In the past, China was poor. Many Chinese who emigrate overseas will be ridiculed because of poverty. Now, China is rich, and as a result, wealth has become a problem in these Western countries. Is it wrong for the Chinese to create wealth with their own hands? No, we are right, just because we still lack "expensive". Only when the words “rich and honor” stand together can we be the mighty teacher that the world admires. It's just that some of the rich now lack expensive, so they are not welcome. And "expensive" is above the rich, higher wisdom. So, next, the editor will come to expose the reasons why the wealthy Chinese are unpopular overseas. And, as a rich person, how to be rich, so as to better stand in the world.


One. Locals are dissatisfied that the rich in China are speculating on housing prices

In fact, this is the fact that some of the richest Chinese are holding the blame. But it is the main cause of popular anger. Because the media has overwhelmingly reported that Chinese wealthy people have purchased a large number of overseas real estate and real estate, the local people mistakenly believe that Chinese wealthy people are the chief culprit in raising housing prices. Although, speculating on housing prices is not a major problem for residents who have real estate. However, for their next generation, this will be a big burden. Therefore, public anger not only comes from rising housing prices, but also from concerns about the future of the next generation.

"Expensive" advice: reasonable investment in real estate

For this matter, my opinion is. Go your own way and let the Australian media say it. Don't stop investing in real estate because of false media reports. Just as an investor, you should invest in real estate reasonably according to your own needs. I believe many readers are well aware of the big plunge in the Chinese stock market. Because stockholders were too crazy, they started financing. As a result, the market was overcapitalized and the stock market collapsed. The laws of the economy are universal, and so is the property market. If one day Australia's real estate industry is as hot as the Chinese stock market, I am afraid that it will not be far from the property market bubble. Reasonable investment is a kind of art, and at the same time, it has promoted wealth to the level of "expensive".


two. Only invest money, not acting

Many rich people prefer Australia for three reasons. 1. Use money to exchange status. With this status, you can enjoy local welfare benefits and prepare for your retirement. 2. With status, you can enjoy visa-free treatment in many countries, which is convenient for your global business. 3. For the future of the child.

However, these three reasons, except for the last one. None of them are really implemented in the construction of immigration countries. Although the funds spent by immigrants have brought temporary economic benefits to the local area. However, it has no long-term impact. Many investors are still in China, and they don’t care about the local economic development. There will also be no industrial investment. In fact, there are not many Chinese who do businesses abroad, and most domestic businesses who do business abroad have also turned to trade.

"Expensive" advice: Businessmen are important, but don't just be "nature's porters". To be an industry is to be a creator. Nowadays, even the United States has returned a large number of overseas factories, which shows that "industry" is an industry that a country cannot lack at any time. In addition, everyone must believe in "Made in Germany" products? Yes, this is the embodiment of industry. This is not only a great contribution to society, but also the needs of this era. The most important thing is that for locals who love to use certain people's products, they will naturally fall in love with that person. This is called "Love House and Wu". Therefore, this kind of "expensive" means sublimating trade to the level of "industry" and sublimating "porter" to the status of "creator".


three. No society likes immigrants who do not assume "social responsibility"

Many wealthy Chinese continue to return to their home countries after obtaining status. However, it ignores the local government's urgent need for them to develop employment for the local area. The simplest is the so-called vacant house, which does not allow the house to play its original value. The local people will naturally feel resentful when they see these people who are enjoying welfare but not contributing to society.

"Expensive" suggestion: Australia is a country with a small gap between the rich and the poor, and it still vigorously promotes an equal society. The so-called equality is not only about human rights, race, gender and other tall equality. More important is the equality of "distribution according to work". If you want to become a wealthy person in Australian society while still gaining the respect of society, you must assume greater social responsibilities and make more contributions to society. Therefore, the "expensive" here is the social responsibility of the rich. To be rich is not only oneself, but also feedback to society. And the part of the rich that is fed back to society is "expensive."

"Chinatown" trainee reporter Yao Meng Cai editor

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