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The new round of cold air killed another "returning carbine." In the evening of this week, Melbourne and Sydney will experience a cold spell, which will bring a significant drop in temperature.

According to the "Sydney Morning Herald" report, a new wave of cold this week is about to hit on Sunday night! Sydney will experience a major drop in temperature, and there will be 20-40 cm of snow in the high mountains.

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"But for southeastern Australia, it won't be as cold as last week." Senior climate expert Brett Dutschke said. It is expected that the temperature in Melbourne and Sydney will drop to 6 degrees next Monday morning, and only 1-3 degrees in western Sydney. "Because there will be a significant cold wind all day long, the people will feel it will be about 3 degrees colder, and the western part of Sydney will feel like freezing at sunrise," he added.


However, Dutschke said that a week later, there may be another round of cold. There may be a lot of rain at that time, but it is too early to predict its intensity.

At present, eastern NSW and southeastern Queensland are being affected by low pressure, and there will be rain and thunderstorms.

News compiled from "Sydney Morning Herald"

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