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"Hey, even the money to marry a wife is lost." Xiao He, who works as a driver at a certain car dealer in Shuitou, has been sighing recently. He has been out to work for four or five years, and finally saved tens of thousands of yuan, but he lost all because of WeChat red envelope gambling.

After the rise of WeChat red envelopes, grabbing red envelopes in the circle of friends has become a small game that many citizens enjoy. However, it was used by some people with ulterior motives to turn WeChat red envelopes into a gambling tool, just like a virtual online casino.

In the past few days, the reporter has launched an investigation on this, revealing the chain of interests between the group owner, the dealer, the contractor, and the "ghost" in the WeChat red envelope group.

[Victim] Addicted to red envelope gambling, the guy lost tens of thousands of yuan

At the end of 2014, Xiao He, like many others, often grabbed red envelopes with his friends in the WeChat Moments. Each time he sent a red envelope for only one or twenty yuan, the maximum number of winnings and losses in one day was 100 yuan.

In March of this year, Xiao He's friends pulled him into a red envelope group, and a red envelope contained hundreds of dollars at every turn. At first, Xiao He just waited and watched. For him, who was paid only a hundred yuan a day, losing a red envelope meant working for several days in vain.

But someone in the group won thousands of thousands of "cases" every minute, which gradually moved his heart. "Some people are very lucky and haven't even lost more than a dozen games." Xiao He decided to try his luck and join the ranks of grabbing red envelopes. On the first day, he made more than 2000 yuan.

"Every day I drive on behalf of others and drive long distances to earn tens of yuan, and grab a red envelope without any effort, and there are hundreds of yuan in it." Facing this temptation, Xiao He gradually fell deeper and deeper. More and more large red envelope groups. What he plays most often is the "maximum and minimum", that is, if he grabs the minimum amount of red envelopes, red envelopes are issued.

After a month, Xiao He found that his account was less than 2 yuan. "Maybe the money is paid online, winning or losing is just a bunch of numbers, it doesn't feel much." Xiao He said, when he knew that he had lost more than 2 yuan, he didn't want to stop there, but decided to fight a few more. Win back the losers. Unexpectedly, in the end all the money in his card was emptied.

In June, Xiao He lost almost all his savings, and his whole person became decadent, and he was listless at work. The boss of the car dealer found that he was addicted to red envelope gambling and took the initiative to persuade him. Now, Xiao He has withdrawn from all red envelope groups.

[Group leader] Acting as a notary or banker to "draw water" from each red envelope

During the investigation, the reporter found that each red envelope group has its own "rules of the game", and the group owner mostly plays the role of a "notary", collecting members, "reviewing" the identities of the members, mediating disputes that occur during red envelope grabbing, and maintaining The rules of the game for red packets.

Lao Lin is such a group leader. According to his friends, Lao Lin's original work involved advertising, furniture and other industries, but after the appearance of WeChat red envelopes, managing red envelope groups became his "main business."

With the guarantee of Lao Lin's friends, the reporter joined his red envelope group. It is understood that if there is no introduction from an acquaintance, a deposit of 258 yuan must be paid before joining the group, because each red envelope in the group is 258 yuan. This is to prevent members from "running the envelope", that is, grabbing the red envelope, but not issuing red envelopes according to the rules. .

After several days of observation, the reporter found that this group started activities at about 9 o'clock every day. In their words, it was "working", and most of them lasted until the early hours of the next morning. "Sometimes it's around 4 in the morning, and everyone is still playing chicken blood." Lao Lin said, he mainly acts as a "notary", and each red envelope can "draw" 4 yuan, and there are hundreds or even thousands of yuan per day. income.

In addition, there is also a group owner playing the role of "banker".

The reporter joins a WeChat red envelope group called "God Monkey", which is to guess the points through WeChat shaking dice. The group owner accepts the bets from the group members within the specified time. The rules are similar to "tigers, gourds, chickens, fish, shrimps, "Crab" is similar. A number ranges from 50 yuan to thousands of yuan. The group owner will roll the dice 3 times. If the group member guesses the number of the dice, the profit will be 1 times as much as 3 times, and all will be paid by the group owner; if the members do not bet, all the bets will go to the group owner.

In addition, the common games such as "Niu Niu" and "Pai Gow" also appeared in the red envelope group. It is understood that the daily red envelope amount of the gambling group is no less than 2 yuan, and the group owner often establishes more than one group. The reporter learned that Lao Lin has established more than 10 red envelope groups.

[On behalf of the package hand] Send red envelopes to crack the upper limit of the red envelope amount

In many WeChat red envelope groups, reporters have also seen that someone has always issued red envelopes, and the amount sent is often a few yuan less than the prescribed amount. It is understood that these people are professional red envelopes. They give out red envelopes on behalf of the losers through a rake. For example, for the 258 yuan red envelope group, they can "pick" 8 yuan for each red envelope, and the red envelope issued to the group members is 250 yuan.

Through a friend's introduction, the reporter got acquainted with Ali. After the 90s, she has a relatively stable job, but heard that she can earn hundreds of yuan a day by issuing red envelopes, so she quit her original job and joined the outsourcing organization.

According to reports, the generation of the package organization is mainly because WeChat set the upper limit of personal red envelopes at the beginning of the year. A single person cannot send red envelopes of more than 5000 yuan a day. This is undoubtedly a big limitation for people who are immersed in grabbing red envelopes all day long.

Ali told reporters that in order to pump more oil and water, she almost borrowed the WeChat accounts of all her family members, and even borrowed the WeChat accounts of good friends to send it on behalf of her, earning 500 yuan a day.

Ali told reporters that a group owner often has more than 20 subcontractors, and each subcontractor may serve multiple group owners.

["Ghost" in the group] Mobile phone is equipped with "artifact", cheating only earns but not loses

Speaking of WeChat grabbing red envelopes, we have to mention the "ghosts" in the WeChat red envelope group.

At the beginning of this year, the citizen Mr. Zeng and some business friends established a WeChat group, "In their spare time, they will chat with each other in the WeChat group and send red envelopes to each other to maintain each other's emotions."

Later, friends in the group often recruited some acquaintances into the group, and there were more and more group members, and many of them were not familiar with each other. According to the previous rules of the game, "the one who grabs the smallest red envelope will be issued a red envelope". After several months of playing, Mr. Zeng and a few friends found that they had all lost money, which added up to several hundred thousand yuan.

"It's impossible for a few of us to lose money all the time?" Mr. Zeng and his friends were puzzled.

Later, a friend solved the secret-the "artifact" of robbing red envelopes in the phone, that is, opening up. After using the "artifact", you can set the ranking of grabbing red envelopes by yourself, so that you don't need to issue red envelopes, and you only make money without losing money. This group of cheating people is called "ghost".

After knowing this secret, Mr. Zeng suddenly realized, and told his relatives and friends, and at the same time withdrew from the red envelope group.

So, where did this "artifact" come from? The reporter entered "WeChat red envelopes" on a shopping website and saw that many stores were selling "artifacts" grabbing red envelopes. "Artifact" has the function of seeing through WeChat red envelopes, and its functions are very diverse. It can avoid the smallest red envelopes and control the mantissa of the red envelopes.

[Police] robbed red envelopes for profit, suspected of gambling

Is WeChat grabbing red envelopes counted as gambling? Recently, the police from Shuitou Police Station told reporters that if it is a small exchange between friends and is not profitable, it can be regarded as a gift and does not involve illegality. But if you grab red envelopes for profit, you are suspected of gambling. Among them, the group leader gathers members to conduct red envelope gambling, and is suspected of gathering crowds to gamble and opening a casino, and the group members are involved in gambling.

The police reminded that in accordance with the "Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Laws in Handling Criminal Gambling Cases", the Internet and mobile communication terminals are used to transmit gambling videos and data, organize gambling activities, establish gambling websites and accept bets. , Establish a gambling website and provide it to others to organize gambling, act as an agent for the gambling website and accept bets, or participate in the profit sharing of the gambling website. One of them is the act of "opening a casino".

It is reported that those who gather crowds for gambling or gambling for the purpose of making profits are to be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control and fined not more than 3 years; those who open a casino are sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control and fined not more than 3 years; the circumstances are special In serious cases, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 3 years but not more than 10 years and shall be fined.

In addition, the installation of a "cheat device" in the red envelope group is illegal possession, and a certain amount of money is suspected of fraud.

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