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According to "News" reports, Australia is rich in politicians, pornographic products, um... and weird milkshakes! !


Pâtissez, a coffee shop in Canberra that has only been open for 52 days, has attracted great attention from foodies.

Pâtissez coffee shop has collected more than 10,000 likes on its Facebook page.


Anna Petridis and her mother Gina both participated in this year's Australian local food show competition. Their mother and daughter are the owners of this unique coffee shop. They said: "Canberra will never again appear in a sentence with the word "boring"."

They said on Instagram that all the ingredients for this strange milkshake are homemade, and now there are more and more people lining up to buy them every day. They worry that the daily supply cannot meet the needs of the public. Normally, they 'S milkshakes were sold out in the afternoon.


"Every milkshake we supply is made with care, and we will ensure that every milkshake we sell is perfect."

Currently this "weird milkshake" has four different flavors-salt and pepper nuts, French vanilla, Nutella with biscuits and Muddy Pat, but more flavors will be introduced in the future.

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News compiled from "News", compiled and reported by Yiyi.com

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