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There have been consecutive street armed robberies in Hurstville, a Chinese community in Sydney. After a young man was robbed on Monday, another woman was robbed of property on Wednesday night.

The police issued a statement stating that at around 11:20 on Wednesday night, a 1-year-old woman walked along Dora Street after leaving the Haoshiwei Railway Station, passing through Dalcassia Street (Dalcassia Street). At that time, she noticed a man across the street.

The police said that the man allegedly ran towards the woman with a knife and asked her to hand over her handbag after approaching her. After the woman obediently handed over her handbag, the man ran away from the scene. The woman was not injured in the incident and notified a passerby of the incident.

Just two days before the incident, a 1-year-old young man was robbed. Although the police did not disclose the identity of the victim, some media claimed that he was an overseas student from China. At around 24:6 pm on Monday, when the young man was walking along Hillcrest Avenue, a man approached him from behind holding a piece of sharp PVC pipe fragments.

The police statement pointed out that the man threatened the youth by holding his neck and asking him to hand over his mobile phone and wallet. After the young man gave the mobile phone and wallet in his bag to the man, he was forced to withdraw the money in his account from a nearby ATM and hand it over to the man.

The man even followed the young man back home, demanding that he hand over more money, and threatened the young man's roommate. After failing to find any money from the youth, the man fled eastward from the youth’s residence along Hickst Avenue.

Fortunately, the young man was not injured in the incident. The suspect in this case is described asHe was about 180 cm tall and had a strong physique. He was wearing a gray long-sleeved T-shirt, dark pants and white Nike shoes.

At present, the St George police are investigating these cases. Those who know the situation quickly call the fight crime hotline+1800 333 000Provide clues to solve the case and protect Chinese compatriots!

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