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10 Finland

Studies have shown that one in five Finnish men cheats after marriage! Interestingly, after 2010, the rate of derailment among young and middle-aged people in Finland has greatly decreased.

Someone said, "The gender spirit of this country is to encourage citizens to freely pursue sexual stimulation."

9 United Kingdom

British men, who have always regarded themselves as gentlemen, have the highest rate of infidelity after marriage in Europe. But according to the survey, almost half of British men express their hatred for their derailment-is this a hypocrisy?

8 Spain

Spain is rich in beautiful women, and they are all enthusiastic, and there are so many temptations. At the same time, Spain has a high divorce rate. In 2014, an average of 1000 out of every 2.9 residents across the country requested the dissolution of marriage.

7 Belgium

Gleeden, as a Belgian dating site dedicated to married people, has more than 110 million registered users, accounting for almost 10% of the global number of cheating after marriage.

6 Norway

In the past few years, the number of Norwegian about pao website members has increased dramatically. Living in a country with extreme days and nights means long nights, and derailment may be fine.

5 France

Even the former French president has a mistress, can't that explain the problem! As the world’s most recognized romantic exaggeration, French men and women have the most unanimous views on the issue of derailment after marriage: 63% of French people think that derailment after marriage is acceptable, and only 28% of their own derailment after marriage Expressing regret, really dare to do and be dare!

4 Germany

It is said that 40% of German men will confess their extramarital affairs to their wives, while 43% of German women will cuckold their husbands. Everyone is welcome if you meet your opponent...

3 Italy

It is a well-known anecdote that the Italian prime minister’s recruitment is already well-known, so it is logical for the common people to derail.

The most notorious playboy in Italian history, Casanova, once said: If you are not caught, you can’t count as cheating. It is precisely because of this that the divorce rate in Italy is surprisingly low, because everyone is too good at playing cover.

2 Denmark

Although Copenhagen is not an internationally well-known sex city, it is still a small name. Many Danish travel brochures tell you that you can visit the local adult goods store within a few minutes’ walk of the hotel.

1 Thailand

I won’t say much about the various places in Thailand. Here, X transactions can promote the development of the country...

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