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Federal Attorney General George Brandis quietly raised divorce applications and other court fees, even though the Senate rejected the price increase last month.

But the price increase may not last long, because the Labor Party has confirmed that it will take action to veto it again after the Senate resumes in August.

The federal government announced a series of price increases for the Federal Circuit Court, Federal and Family Courts in its May budget.This includes the increase in the court divorce application fee from 845 yuan to 1195 yuan.

The price increase, which has been criticized by lawyers as "forgetting justice" and "attack to justice", is expected to collect 4 million yuan from the government within four years.

Last month, the Green Party and the Labor Party jointly vetoed the price increase regulations in the Senate on the grounds that "it is inappropriate to use the opportunity of family breakdown to become the government's cash cow."

But Brandis made a comeback, proposing a slightly revised new regulation, which will take effect from the week.

According to the new regulations,离婚费用比原来的修改又增加了5元达到1200元,而法庭传票的费用比起5月预算案的提案有增加了5元达到125元.

The government said that the amendment is necessary because it cannot re-propose a statute that has been rejected by the Senate.

But the matter is not over yet.

Not only is the Labor Party planning to veto the new regulations, the Green Party also plans to investigate the legality of doing so.

They plan to veto this law after the Senate resumes its session in August.

Green Party Senator Penny Wright said, "Although the Senate has vetoed the family court price increase regulation on June 6, the government again proposed almost the same price increase regulation on Sunday in an attempt to bypass the law and the Senate."

Labor family law spokesperson Graham Perrett said Brandis walked through the back door.

"This is a way of exploiting people in the darkest moments of life for the purpose of raising taxes," he said.

A Brandis spokesperson said that price increases are critical to maintaining the sustainability of the court and improving the court's processing capacity.

He emphasizedVulnerable groups can still apply for fee reduction.

News compiled from "Courier Mail"

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