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At the turn of the new and old fiscal years, the Australian government has made important adjustments to related immigration policies, including if 457 visa holders undergo job changes, they need to report to the Department of Immigration for updates in a timely manner, a number of work visa application fees have increased, and the market wage rate has been reactivated Original standards, etc.

ACB News "Australia Finance Online" reported that KPMG (KPMG) recently analyzed a number of changes in the 457 visa employer sponsored immigration policy. Related changes are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Job change: Some companies conduct a comprehensive evaluation of employee performance every fiscal year, and employee promotions are usually scheduled on July 7. If an employer holding a 1 visa guarantees that an employee's job changes due to a promotion, the employee must issue a job change notice to the Bureau of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). If the change of responsibilities is too large, the employee needs to resubmit a new nomination application to DIBP. The new job title of the 457 visa holder shall not take effect until the approval is obtained.

Change of website domain name: The official website of DIBP has been changed from immi.gov.au to border.gov.au. The new domain name will be officially launched on July 7, and all email addresses will be changed to @border.gov.au.

Fee changes: The new visa application fee standard will come into effect on July 7. For regular visas such as the employer nomination 1 visa (Employer Nomination subclass 186), temporary work skilled visa (Temporary Work Skilled subclass 186) and temporary work short stay visa (Temporary Work Short Stay subclass 457), the processing fees have all been increased. The detailed charging situation is shown in the figure below:


Market wage rate: The Senate is opposed to lowering the market wage exemption assessment threshold for 457 visa holders, so the original salary standard (A$250,000) is still in effect, that is, applicants with an annual salary of more than A$25 can be exempted from the relevant assessment steps .

Other changes: It is expected that other changes in the 457 visa system review process will be implemented in the new fiscal year. After many discussions, the government has hinted that the outstanding changes that will be implemented include:

▶Simplify the approval process for low-risk employer guarantors;

▶Improve the short-term skilled immigrant income threshold (TSMIT), such as considering relaxing the standard in some remote areas;

▶Reform the current training standards and require employers to pay the training fund annually based on the number of sponsored 457 visa holders.

News compiled from ACB News "Australia Finance Online"

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