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1. These are the 9 perfect standards for the people at home and abroad to judge whether a person is really thin... How many have you reached?

2. The evil formula invented by a drunkard in District 40: Soak the gummy bears in vodka for two days and two nights to get the "Russian drunk bear candy". The surface looks crystal clear, soft and cute, but actually alcoholic More than XNUMX%, you can be unconscious if you eat three or five pills... It's very suitable for sweet party brewers

3. Netizens did a rotating experiment with their own cat. After the completion, the cat was so embarrassed that he could not take care of himself on the spot.

4. The driver confided to me in the taxi that his daughter was unwilling to wear skirts all the time, and even quarreled because the family bought her skirts. I told the driver that this is only a stage in a girl's life. After this stage has passed, we will reach a new stage where I just want to buy skirts and wear skirts all day long.

5. Recitation tricks studied by an island neurologist in Amway: cover your ears with your hands, as long as you can't hear other sounds, and then recite the material you want to remember aloud. Because the bone conduction generated when reading aloud can activate the brain, it will become particularly easy to recite! In the clinic, the subject also memorized words easily. "I never felt that my brain was so clear, as if I was talking to me!"

6. Does a picture you see on Twitter touch your heart?

7. A Taiwanese Sao Nian shared how he changed from a rough man to a fake girl step by step under the guidance of his girlfriend, and said that now that he has become such a wave, I just want to be a little better to my girlfriend...

8. Fate is so wonderful.

9. It is said that 99% of people cannot do this action~

10. A foreign friend has a hamster, eight birds, and a dog in his home. They get along well, but they are so in love that they cry

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