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Love has no boundaries, and spending has no boundaries. Whether you are in China or Australia, you must have money in order to pursue romance. It costs money to date, money to buy gifts, money to eat, money to get married, money to buy a house, and money is spent everywhere. Today, the editor will simply calculate with you how much it will cost to date and get married in Australia.


|Dating in love |

AUD 144.40 each time AUD 5,913 per year

According to data from the eHarmony dating website, the average cost per date in Australia is 144.40 Australian dollars, or 5,913 Australian dollars per year. If the relationship lasts for less than a year, the cost of each appointment is even more, at 170 Australian dollars, or $12,439 per year. After the passion, dating couples who have a relationship of 1-5 years spend less, with an average of 140 Australian dollars per date, or $5,979 per year.

Young couple celebrating with red wine at restaurant

The process of dating in Australia is similar to that in China, eating and eating, watching movies. In addition, Australians also like to buy flowers on dates, which is always a big expense. Calculate, the movie is 20 Australian dollars per person, and 40 Australian dollars for two people. Buying flowers ranges from 20 to 80 Australian dollars. It's not a marriage proposal. You don't have to bring a large bouquet of roses every time. For dinner, 40 Australian dollars per person is good, unless you want to eat lobster, mud crab, abalone, etc., or order good wine. The money to open the house is waived, anyway, it’s my own house or rented house. If it is not for the AA system, boys would spend between 140 and 160 Australian dollars on each date.


This still does not count gifts, KTV, bars, or travel money. Girlfriend’s birthday gifts can’t be less, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and other anniversaries, to please future mothers-in-law and bribe girlfriends. According to the frequency of dating once a week, it is really impossible to carry it without 1 Australian dollars a year. A date of two or three years will cost 2 AUD. The editor calculates the appointments in ordinary people's words, and does not calculate the appointments of local tyrants, their world is different. . .


In addition, if you make an appointment online every time, just to roll the sheets, just treat it like I didn't say it.

|AustraliaWedding cost |

An average Australian wedding costs $36,200

We will not discuss the cost of getting married in the country here, nor can we make statistics, you know. The editor only calculates the cost of marriage in Australia. According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission's statistics, as of February 2014, Australians spent an average of A$2 on weddings.

Source: Australian Securities and Investment Commission

The detailed cost can be seen in the picture above:

Food and beverage: $18,683

Clothing: $4,271

Camera: $3,983

Entertainment: $2,896

Flowers and other decorations: $2,896

Ceremony, venue: $941

Other expenses: $2,534

Total cost: $36,200

For many people, weddings are not a small expense. 60% of them even have to borrow money for weddings or even sell cars. And according to statistics, more than half of the wedding budget is exceeded, so if you want to do a wedding in Australia, you should prepare more money.

Screen Shot at 2015 07-31-11.03.06
Wedding costs in various cities in Australia

By the way, plus the money for the ring, buying a one-carat ring is at least 1 Australian dollars. If you want to buy a Kadir ring, the price has to be multiplied by 2 or 3. You should cherish your wallet. In addition, there is a honeymoon after marriage, at least 1 Australian dollars will be spent, otherwise you will not have fun.

|Buy a house |

40 to 120 million Australian dollars

Buying a house is the last place because the pressure to buy a house in Australia is not as great as in China. If there is no house, people will get married, and there are many couples who rent a house. Once you plan to buy a house, it is a huge expense.


At present, in a big city like Sydney and Melbourne, how can a decent property cost around A$80. Of course there are cheap ones too, so stay away from the city. Real estate in Adelaide is relatively cheap, 40 to 50 can be bought quite suitable.

所有花销算在一起,约会3年约花费3-4万澳元;婚礼,钻戒,蜜月$56,200;买房40万至120万;A total of 48 to 129 million Australian dollars was spent.(This price is still the basic cost, not counting other costs such as buying a car)

Getting married in Australia is not easy~~~~


Article reprinted from "Adelaide Today"


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