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Preface: I believe that the wave and shadow of the Melbourne Customs strike have not yet dissipated from the minds of my friends. Yes, it is said that it takes 23.3 years to completely forget one thing. What's more, the customs strike was still in full swing in the previous period. It seems that this strike is an indelible memory, especially for the friends who have experienced the inconvenience caused by the strike. However, don't worry about the customs strike, because something more urgent has happened again. This time, Melbourne trains have come on strike again to join in the fun. Friends in Maoben, please make preparations before you travel.

The thing is, this Tuesday, due to the expiration of the corporate contract, and the railway operator Metro and the public transportation union broke down on a new work agreement. Therefore, the union hopes to protect its rights through strikes.

This Wednesday, the (Victoria Rail, Tram and Bus Union) public transport union will submit an application to the (Fair Work Commission) to vote on the strike, which also includes front-line employees.

The strike items in the submitted application include: train drivers can jump from the platform, ticket inspectors refuse to check tickets, and strike assemblies.

The union sent a spokesperson, the union secretary Luba Grigorovitch. Grigorovitch claimed that the new work agreement between Metro and the union could not be negotiated. The contract expired on Tuesday. She also accused Metro management of not being able to solve the problem well.

Grigorovitch said: "Metro does things very unfairly. Union employees can no longer tolerate it. If Metro cannot agree with the union on the rights and conditions that employees have been fighting for for 10 years, then strikes are the only option. "The public transport union also mentioned that it is possible for trains to stop. Of course, this is the last resort. Grigorovitch said: "Although the suspension of trains is within the scope of the strike, the union still hopes to have the least impact on passengers."

Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan issued a statement that the Victorian government has learned about the strike by the public transport union. Allan expressed his understanding of the strike application submitted by the trade union committee, and stated: "The matter between Metro and the trade union really needs to be resolved. But I hope that the two parties can reach a consensus before they start work."

The conditions put forward by the trade union are similar to those of customs officers, that is, "increased wages." The union hopes that wages can rise by 18% in the next three years.

In fact, not only customs strikes are unparalleled, but even train strikes have precedents. As early as October 2014, 10, the Berlin Train Drivers Union launched a two-day nationwide strike. Of course, the conditions are higher wages, but they demand more and shorter working hours.

Finally, the editor wants to say that although the strike has won benefits for a certain group of people, these benefits are ultimately separated from other social groups. Some people gain, while others lose. This matter is difficult to complete in ancient times, and it is too difficult to do well in politics!

"Chinatown" intern reporter Yao Meng


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