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According to a Sina reporter, there is no official standard for New Zealand Manuka honey in the Chinese market. The Yangcheng Evening News reporter's investigation found that the lack of a unified evaluation standard directly led to the high price of Manuka honey on the market, and it was mixed, making it difficult to distinguish between true and false. What's more serious is that New Zealand produces about 1700 to 2000 tons of Manuka honey each year, but globally, the annual sales of honey in the name of Manuka is as high as 1 tons. In this way, fraud is obvious. According to a reporter from the Yangcheng Evening News, New Zealand Manuka honey has become a fake in China without official standards.

Homepage bacteria recently received a letter from users who suspected that the Comvita honey they purchased was a fake. The following is a comparison between the user's Comvita honey and the previously used Comvita honey.

Dear Manuka Honey Company:

I am a Chinese consumer of your company, my name is Gao**, I am 3* years old this year and I am a media worker. I was fortunate to taste Manuka's 5+ honey and nectar before, and I really like it. But I bought a bottle of 5+ honey not long ago, and it was suspected to be a fake product based on my experience. No. 1 is the 5+ that I drank before, No. 2 is the nectar I am drinking, and No. 3 is the 5+ honey that I want to verify. I want to know whether it is the replacement of the packaging or I bought a fake. Thank you for reading my following content carefully:

XNUMX. Production date and barcode

The production date fonts of No. 1 and No. 2 are relatively thin, and the letters and numbers are closely arranged. The font of No. 3 is relatively thick, and the font is sparse, and the word spacing is obviously larger than that of No. 1 and 2. The barcodes of No. 1 and 2 are printed clearly, and No. 3 is a little fuzzy. And have rough edges. (The last one is a comparison chart that puts numbers 1 and 3 together)

640-316 640-317

Second, the bottle font

White background part: the font size 1 and 2 is thicker and the color is heavier, font size 3 is thinner and the color is lighter.


Black background part: the font is obviously different, the thickness of No. 1 is obviously different, and the font of No. 3 is all bold, and the word spacing is also obviously different from that of No. 1.

XNUMX. Bottle body edges and corners and marking ratio

No. 1 has been drunk for a long time, and the edges and corners are still flat. Please note: The logos 3 and 1 of the small dots above are also obviously different. Please focus on comparing the distance and ratio between the two dots.

640-321 640-322

Four, bottle mouth words



Five, the bottom of the bottle and the round touch

1、2号瓶底右侧数字均为“2”, 3号右侧数字为“1”;中心圆孔1、2号边缘很平滑,3号边缘有明显凸起的线条。1、2号圆心外有一圈较明显的圆印,仔细看可以看出来,手触摸也可以感受到。3号很光滑,没有那个隐形的圆圈。640-324XNUMX. The words inside the cap and the dot on the top of the cap


Dots on the top cover: No. 1 and No. 2 dots are slightly indented, smooth and not tied, and No. 3 dots have a pointed bump, which will prick your hands when touched, and will scratch your hands with a little force.

640-325 640-326

Seven, sealing paper texture

Inside the sealing paper: No. 2 is very smooth, and No. 3 itself has many folds.640-327XNUMX. My taste

I understand that the taste of Manuka honey will be different due to the season, but the taste of No. 1 is not particularly sweet, it has very fine grainy things in it, which is easier to dissolve in water, and No. 3 honey is very viscous. , Mushy, sweet and greasy, the water at the same temperature is difficult to dissolve and sticks to the spoon. Because the taste is subjective, I don’t say too much. Please refer to the two pictures in the previous article for the internal honey texture map.

My latest purchase of No. 3 5+ honey is true or not. As a loyal customer of the Manuka honey brand, I very much hope to get a reply from your company. Thanks again!

Comvita is currently identifying the authenticity of this bottle of honey.

Homepage Bacteria Curiously searched for Kangvita Honey in a certain East Mall, and found a very interesting thing is that all the products of Kangvita Honey in a certain East Mall self-operated store are well received 24001. When you click into each product detail page, there are a few good comments. Becomes 24002. Automatic praise, really amazing!

Choose the true evaluation of a few diamond members, these should be more convincing.

Article reproduced from Australia discount information

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