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Fear of power is the weakness of Chinese people. When a "strong man" appears in a circle, people will naturally choose to obey.

Wen Shu Feng Qing Yang

On July 7th, Reference News published an article titled "Black Tour Guides in Mainland China Overrun Thailand's Compatriots to Dominate Compatriots," It was reported that Thai police recently arrested six illegal tour guides from mainland China in Bangkok. As more and more mainlanders came to Thailand, many land-based tour guides broke through legal restrictions and made a lot of money. Some tourists have reported that tour guides of land origin often treat tourists as being wronged.

In the past two years, in cases where the safety of Chinese lives and property has been threatened or damaged, cases of Chinese criminals attacking their compatriots have begun to increase, such as the murder of a Chinese student in Newcastle, which shocked the British society, the Chinese kidnapping gang successfully uncovered by Spanish police last year, and Australia. The media broke the case of local Chinese construction company bosses enslaving Chinese workers. The victims and perpetrators were all Chinese. Searching for keywords such as "Chinese", "Bullied", and "Killed" on Google found that in the case reports about the personal safety and property violations of overseas Chinese, half of the perpetrators were Chinese compatriots.

Why are overseas Chinese not united? Let me first talk about why the Chinese act on their compatriots? Spain's "Oulang.com" has analyzed the reasons why local Chinese criminals are hurting their compatriots: because Chinese criminals live in the Chinese community, it is easy to find out the details of the victims and their routines. , So the compatriots are often targeted. In addition, the Chinese community is often isolated from the local society. This closed state makes it difficult to establish good communication and cooperation with local law enforcement agencies. These are precisely the conditions and opportunities for some Chinese criminals to commit crimes.

In addition, due to language difficulties, even if the local police and judicial institutions are close at hand, for some Chinese victims, it is beyond reach. They can only choose to forbearance in a foreign country where they are unfamiliar. It is also difficult for the local police to truly walk into the strange Chinese world. From the unique and intertwined relationship among the Chinese, they can sort out the hidden clues to solve the case and bring the criminals to justice. Since it is difficult for Chinese criminals to be investigated and dealt with effectively after committing a crime, these Chinese criminals who specialize in the Chinese and target their own compatriots are often more confident.

"One Chinese, one train, several Chinese and a group of insects." This is the feeling that foreigners have. A netizen who returned from studying abroad once posted: I have been abroad for seven years and have seen southerners fight southerners, northerners fight northerners, southerners fight northerners, new students fight new students, old students fight old students, new students fight old students Fight, graduate students fight with undergraduates, cents fight with five cents, Gao Fushuai fights with dicks... Some are fighting against men, some are fighting against women, some are fighting for limelight, some are fighting for positions, there are Fighting because of performance, because of pretending to fight, because of showing off wealth and fighting, and even purely uncomfortable fighting... In general, the reasons and groups of this fight are very random, and everyone can be because of chicken skin. Suan Mao fights with whom, but to put it objectively: Many people are more fierce than anyone in internal fighting. When they encounter outsiders bullying, they immediately admit their counsel...

The overseas Chinese are not too united, let’s say nothing else. On an overseas Chinese website, a group of Chinese people attacked each other and abused each other on the Internet. The new overseas Chinese all wanted to join some Chinese overseas groups. After observation and understanding, I found that many people always think that they are the most capable and want to be the leader of overseas Chinese.

Therefore, various organizations and groups have emerged. Sometimes even two fellow associations have appeared in the same province, each claiming that they are the most authentic. This not only disperses the strength of the organization, but also prevents such groups from To be trusted, and people in the group intrigue and slander each other is chilling. In the end, they all had to stay away from the Chinese crowd and live their little lives behind closed doors. Secondly, among overseas Chinese, some compatriots like to "slaughter acquaintances" and complain about the misfortunes of their family. You can't help but help. You soon find that there are not enough people to play; especially for new immigrants. It’s too serious and it turns...

Someone summarized that there must be a three-step process for overseas Chinese communication: first step, meet and get acquainted in a certain corner overseas, hit it right away, meet late, leave your email address and your mobile phone number and leave your WeChat account; second step, you come and go to Gan Rumi, either eats out or eats at home with each other, it’s a great kiss; the third step, because friends are shared, and the interaction expands, so as long as someone provokes them, they will die of old age.

Taiwanese humanist Bo Yang said bluntly that one Chinese is a dragon, but three Chinese have become a worm. He believes that the Chinese are best at infighting. In history, the three divisions of advancement caused the strongest country in the Spring and Autumn Period to fall apart. In the end, everyone was destroyed by the rising State of Qin; the Southern Song emperor was afraid of Yue Feigong and his master, allowing the Yue family army of the Megatron Golden Army to retreat without a fight. It also created "unnecessary" injustices of the ages; Jiang Gong's "intervention of foreign affairs must first settle in the country" made China instantly lose the three provinces of the East. Internal friction and internal fighting have been accompanied by the Chinese since ancient times.

Overseas, the Chinese are the least united compared to other ethnic groups. Chinese people are more accustomed to using their hometown as the boundary, standing on top of each other, forming gangs, not only do not communicate with each other, even water and fire, and do not help each other in case of trouble, but they are lower eyebrows and pleasing to their own people, and they are more aggressive towards their compatriots than their enemies. How can you not be bullied in such a mess? The most important thing is that China has long been a centralized culture, and everyone has been educated to be obedient. Therefore, the fear of power is the weakness of the Chinese character. When a "strong man" appears in a circle, people will naturally choose to obey. But whether it is right or wrong, this kind of injustice can make people look awkward, reduce trust, and affect unity.

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