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Jingdong has been very "red" recently. . . There is a steady stream of news about fakes being exposed! Long maggot milk, rotten fruit, now even shampoo is fake. . . JD.com has been frequently "named" recently. No, the writer Liuliu has called Jingdong Mall by name on Weibo again!


What makes a writer rage about fairness and power! ? there is only one truth. . . That is, she bought a bunch of rotten fruits on Jingdong. . .


This is the mangosteen that Liuliu bought online on JD.com. . . After the express delivery, I opened it and found it was so bad!


Looks disgusting. . . (It’s wrong for me to put this for dinner...)


So the writer quit. . . The fruit I bought is rotten! I want to retire! ! It’s a pity that JD’s customer service doesn’t know that there is a host with 1 million followers on the other end of the phone, and his attitude is consistent... not good! !


So, the writer angered Weibo and vowed not to delete it!


It is terrible to offend the writer, but the writer is right this time! ! !

Netizens joined the tour group one after another, comforting the writer and saying: "I would rather give Ma Yun the money for plastic surgery than Liu Qiangdong's soaking up a horse."

Drinking a cup of milk tea to cool down, you can't put them in the script. . .
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In other words, the problem of JD selling fakes is not a day or two. . . Ever since Qiangdong entered the Australian market and swept through the small purchasing agents, the news that JD.com sold fakes has been exploded. . .


Some people even dug out CCTV news and slapped Jingdong in the face!


My sister bought a bottle of shampoo online, not only the more itchy she washed. . .


I also feel chest tightness, dizziness, and even a rash on my neck! ! ! Went to the hospital, the doctor said, this is a severe allergy! !


The girl felt heartbroken. . .I just wash my hair! ! !So the girl was about to get involved and contacted CCTV reporters. CCTV reporters bought 1 bottles of shampoo from JD.com, Yihaodian, Taobao, etc. and asked experts to verify


After a series of verifications, I got terrible results: out of these 8 bottles of shampoo, only 3 bottles are real! ! !


What? ! 60% are fakes! ! ! Are you sure this is not kidding me? !

In order to reconfirm, the reporter took the suspected fake shampoo and called P&G again, but got this answer: "The bottle you inquired about is not made by P&G!"

" So where did the fake shampoo come from? "

Later, the reporter found the perpetrator who used to fake shampoo and got another shocking news:

There are basically no genuine products in the wholesale market. Because a box of genuine shampoo is about 500 yuan, a box of counterfeit is only 100 yuan!


During the investigation, the reporter learned that both online merchants and brick-and-mortar shop owners actually knew that these low-priced daily chemical products were fake.

See it? The shampoos bought in the wholesale market are basically not genuine! ! Moreover, the degree of fraud has reached a level that even the fragrance is similar, and it is impossible for a professional to distinguish it! ! !

"用了 假洗发水有啥后果 "
Experts say: Counterfeit detergents use the worst chemical raw materials, which can cause cancer, and are especially dangerous to pregnant women. In severe cases, they can cause death!
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Jingdong, brother will never buy your shampoo anymore. Washing your hair is not reassuring. . . In case brother is pregnant. . . What to do with milk tea! ! !

In fact, when it comes to selling fakes, JD is not suitable for the first one! Pokka also has it. . .


Of course, Jumei Youpin can't fall. . .

So many come out with just a search! ! Can the domestic commercial channels be reassuring now? ! So many fakes, what did Qiangdong guys think? Have you made online shopping unreasonable? After reading these, I couldn't help but want to say. . .

"Everyone, come to Australia to eat fruit, drink milk and wash your hair"
Next, I will introduce to you: Let’s do it right! Let's wash your hair with super duang shampoo brand!

Sukin is an affordable personal care brand that Australia is proud of. It is environmentally friendly and natural. It has more than 50 skin-beautifying and hairdressing products, all of which are made from the finest natural herbs.

It does not contain any irritating chemicals that other brands may add.


A brand with an excellent reputation in Australia, this brand of shampoo can add a rich texture to thin and fine hair, and a shampoo that can add texture and three-dimensionality to thin hair.

Polyquaternium can make the hair shaft light, and each one is distinct, while vegetable oil can add shine.


Organix shampoo contains a mild formula of amino acids, adding firm oil from the scalp to moisturize and care.

With hydrolyzed wheat protein and cationic polymer, the words repair damaged hair, reduce split ends, restore hair luster and moisture balance, and make hair silky smooth, fresh and shiny!


Domestic students, do you dare to buy shampoo online after reading it? ! Don't hesitate, come to Australia to wash your hair!

Article reprinted from Melbourne Today

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