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Many popular immigration countries moved frequently in the first half of this year and "increased prices" one after another, making industry insiders exclaimed that "the world has entered an era of tightening investment immigration."

The costs and risks of the adjusted investment immigration policy have generally increased, which has greatly reduced the enthusiasm of Chinese applicants. Although Greece, Spain and other countries have relaxed investment immigration due to economic pressure, they are not cost-effective. It remains to be seen whether they can attract Chinese applicants.

Thresholds for investment immigration rise sharply

Due to the fast naturalization time and few restrictions, the investment immigration program is regarded as a fast immigration channel. In recent years, China has also become the largest source of investment immigration in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries.

However, the crowding of Chinese people has resulted in the filing of investment immigration applications and serious backlogs. The countries that accept investment immigration have started from the economy and adjusted their policies, refined investment fields and applicant conditions, hoping to earn substantial contributions to their own economy.


Canada: Last year, the 80 Canadian dollar investment immigration was suspended, and the "risk investment immigration" was launched at the beginning of this year. Applicants must have an investment of at least 200 million Canadian dollars (about 1008 million yuan) and 1000 million Canadian dollars (about 5637). Ten thousand yuan) legal net assets.

Australia: A 7 million Australian dollars (approximately 1 million yuan) "Super Investor Visa" will be implemented on July 1500. The entry amount is three times that of a major investor visa. At the same time, 7113 million Australian dollars visa applicants will be restricted from investing in real estate. Need to invest at least 500 Australian dollars in risk areas and emerging companies.


The Chinese have always preferred to invest in manufacturing and real estate, and are unwilling to invest funds in areas with relatively higher risks.

Half a year after the introduction of Canadian "Venture Investment Immigration", due to the unsatisfactory expectations, the application deadline has been extended twice. The grand occasion for Chinese people to get together to apply is no longer, and the new investment immigration policies in Australia and the United States that have not been implemented are worrying.

The overall tightening is difficult for Chinese applicants to benefit

In the first half of this year, hot immigrant countries have also made adjustments in naturalization and work permit policies. The overall tone is still tightening, and Chinese applicants have limited benefits.

The number of H2016B visas in the U.S. in fiscal year 1 was still only 8.5, but the number of applications exceeded 20, triggering a lottery melee. Subsequently, the United States announced the liberalization of work restrictions for some spouses holding H1B work permits. However, due to the need to apply for renewal every year and the high cost, they are regarded as "chicken ribs" by the Chinese, and very few applicants have applied.

The new Canadian naturalization law that came into effect in June has extended the residence time required for naturalization and broadened the age range required to take the naturalization test, causing many Chinese immigrants to reconsider whether or not to be naturalized. Canada also launched a new "Express Entry" system this year. English proficiency requirements are extremely high, and most Chinese applicants are blocked.

The number of net immigrants in the UK in 2014 set a new record. The ruling Conservative Party stated that it will formulate policy plans to "surge" non-EU skilled immigrants and promise to strictly control immigration, such as raising the threshold for spouse immigration.

As too many skilled immigrants "get together" in Auckland, the largest city, New Zealand plans to adjust immigration policies to encourage immigrants to go to local areas.

The Malaysian government restricts foreign workers from working in the country for no more than 5 years, aiming to prevent foreign workers from applying for permanent residency due to their long stay.

Uncertainty about relaxation of house buyers and immigrants

While hot immigrant countries raised the threshold for investment immigration in the first half of this year, Greece, Spain, Portugal and other countries are facing the pressure of economic recovery and have significantly relaxed their investment immigration policies, hoping to attract more foreign investment and speed up their exit from the shadow of the economic crisis.

In June, the Minister of the Interior of Greece issued an investment immigration bill, which claims to be "the lowest threshold and the most cost-effective in Europe", and permanent residency can be obtained by investing in real estate of more than 6 euros.

Portugal's new "golden residence" regulations relax the standards, and an investment of no less than 35 euros is eligible to apply.

The investment in Spain is still 50 euros, but you can get a 6-month visa by paying the real estate deposit, and then you can exchange for a 5-year residence permit. During the change of residence, investors do not need to enter Spain.

Chinese applicants have always been the main force for investment immigration in Portugal and Spain. However, it is still unknown whether real estate can increase in value under the current economic situation in Greece. Investment immigration can only obtain permanent residence in Greece, which is far from a concept with EU permanent residence. After Portugal’s “golden visa” exposed the corruption scandal last year, the shadow of high housing prices and false quotations from black intermediaries seriously affected the enthusiasm of Chinese applicants.

Immigration policy adjustments and changes are still continuing. Whether the Chinese continue to be "fans" or change to "passersby" requires a comprehensive assessment of the pros and cons of investment and a prudent decision.

Article reprinted from China News Network

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