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According to the letter from the Australian Minister of Trade Andrew Robb to the Chinese side, after the signing of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, Chinese 10 visa applicants for the following 457 occupations (including electricians) may no longer be required to meet the occupational assessment Claim.


Under the provisions of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, Chinese workers may only need to provide relevant certificates to prove that they have relevant work experience and skills.

The Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb pointed out in the letter that Australia may remove the previous occupational assessments required for the following 10 occupations

These occupations include:

AutomotiveElectrician Automotive Electrician[321111]

Cabinetmaker, furniture carpenter[3941111]

Carpenter carpenter[331212]

Carpenter and Joiner Carpenter and Joiner[331212]

Diesel MotorMechanic Diesel MotorMechanic[321212]

Electrician(General) Electrician(General) [341111]

Electrician(Special Class) [341112]

Joiner Joiner [331213]

Motor Mechanic(General) Motor Mechanic(General) [321211]

MotorcycleMechanic [321213]

The Australian government is also reviewing more occupations to be added to the technical certification framework between the two countries.

However, Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb explained to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) the agreement: “The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement does not exist. Claim."

"Applicants still need to provide relevant work experience and skills certificates to the Immigration Department to prove that they meet the basic skills and experience needs to work in Australia."

These certificates include technical qualification certificates, membership of related institutions or organizations, job recommendation letters, resumes, and documents that can prove the applicant's English proficiency, etc.

But Allen Hicks, a member of the Australian Electrical Workers Union, said: This new agreement will affect the original high industry safety standards of the Australian electrical industry.

In addition, he said: “It is extremely embarrassing for the federal government to formulate this free trade agreement without consulting the labor union and employers in advance.”

"This will bring great danger to the working environment of Australian electricians, not only to electricians, but also to all people who use electricity." Mr Hicks said that the Australian Electricians Union is planning some industries. Actions to resist the changes that the free trade agreement may bring to the industry.

The remaining content of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement will be handed over to the Australian Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Defense and Trade Committee and the Chinese authorities for joint review.Australia and China are working hard to promote the fast and steady implementation of the free trade agreement.

Article reprinted from Micro Sydney


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