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During the service gap on the plane, everyone always chats and gossips. When it comes to China, there will always be people who marvel at how rich China is. Every time, I will smile slightly. Laugh, thank you for your compliment. Laugh, you just know that China is rich. Laugh, I'm used to it. Laughing, humble and proud.

There are not many flight attendants in Japan. Everyone will talk about Japan occasionally when they encounter flights with Japanese flight attendants. The same exclamation said that Japanese people are very polite, and Japanese flights are especially orderly. No one rings the bell and no one complains. Japan’s streets are beautiful, the Japanese are enthusiastic, and Japan is very developed. When Japan was described as a god-like country, the Japanese flight attendants only smiled and said thank you. Every time at this time, I can always feel heavy jealousy while listening quietly.


It is difficult to get Japanese flights for two reasons.One is because the Japanese government stipulates that all foreign flights to Japan must have at least 6 Japanese flight attendants.Therefore, there are fewer opportunities for flight attendants of other nationalities to fly to Japan.The second is that almost all flight attendants who fly over Japan have Japanese propaganda disease.They love order in Japan, politeness in Japan, sushi in Japan, streets in Japan, and tidiness in Japan. Therefore, unless it can be scheduled to Japan flight, otherwise, it is difficult to change to Japan flight.

China flights are easy to get. There are also two reasons.One, because there is often only one Chinese flight attendant on A600 flights with a capacity of 380 people, and the rest are foreign flight attendants.So foreigners often fly to Beijing. I can't criticize Arab Airlines for not paying attention to Chinese flights, nor can I criticize the Chinese government for not protecting its own citizens as meticulously as Japan. But the result is that the Chinese who don't speak English are embarrassed to ask for drinks, and the ghosts use juice and water to cope with the service. Many people spent 6800 flying 8 hours without knowing that there was free red wine on the plane!Another reason is that in the shift system, foreigners often want to change Beijing out. So it is not difficult to fly to Beijing. Just change shifts.

Why is Beijing not so popular? Although the Great Wall Palace Museum has a very good reputation, the Beijing flight is a famous stinky foot flight! The quality of passengers varies. Colleagues always caught the individual bad incidents experienced in their Chinese class and complained to me. When the passengers got off the plane, she said goodbye to the passengers, but no one said thank you to her or even looked at her. I left without changing my face and added one last sentence, "I feel so bad!"


I often argue with ghosts, not all of us in China eat dog meat, and our Chinese manufacturing is also very good now, where there are high-quality and low-quality products. Recently, a large company from China organized employees to travel to Dubai, chartered 77 planes of Arab Airlines, and more than 40 hotels. Ferrari Park in Abu Dhabi was booked for 3 days. This time I flew to Beijing. During the meeting before the flight, the deputy flight attendant from Dubai mentioned this large Chinese super tour group and said that the chief of Dubai attaches great importance to this matter. It is expected to spend hundreds of millions of dirhams. We will return to Dubai from Beijing. The plane was chartered by this company!

I am secretly happy! Let you group of buns meet our rich Chinese!

However, the Chinese local tyrant company created the worst and worst Chinese class in my history.

After taking off, everyone was busy warming up meals, sorting out the wine cart, and preparing for service. There were already a dozen passengers in the cabin ringing the bell. The deputy flight attendant asked us a few Chinese flight attendants to respond. Some asked us how to use our entertainment system, some asked us to get hot water, and some even asked us to go over and ask how long we have to eat. I usually use the Germans to come to the kitchen to fetch coffee and the Indians to ring the bell and ask us to send them to ridicule them.


An aunt said that her child needs to eat right away when she is hungry. I said that we are still warming the meal and it will be ready in 30 minutes. We will feed the children first. But the aunt doesn't seem to wear a watch. Every four or five minutes, she will ring the bell or grab my skirt when I pass by and say that the child has to eat and sleep. If the child does not eat, it will cause stomach pain. I said or I would find some biscuits first. The dinner is still in the microwave, so I can’t get it for you. The aunt said that the child must eat dinner. So I took the blanket for the kid without talking, and taught him how to play games and watch movies. After the meal was heated up, I immediately brought the kid’s meal before the meal, and the aunt’s question asked me. I was stunned: "Why didn't it have me?" Auntie, your child has a stomachache if he doesn't eat his dinner at XNUMX o'clock in the evening, so you can't wait until you are so proud? After a while, Auntie came to the kitchen by herself and said that the dishes were spicy and asked us to change the meal to her. I explained that today is a full warehouse, one for each person, no extra, and you ordered the meal yourself, but Auntie Still talking about it. Finally, the deputy flight attendant couldn't bear it and said, tell her the situation and continue your service. she can screaming, but there is no extra meal, it is not your fault! (If she likes to call, let her call! There is no extra meal! It's not your fault!) Auntie went back. After eating, this lovely kid played happily for hours before going to bed.

As for serving coffee drinks, you often still ask passengers if they want to add milk. The passengers in the back three rows have already raised their cups over their heads to ask for coffee.


I really hope that they can really dress as decent as they are.

As the A380 aircraft is very large, with more than XNUMX passengers on the first floor, it takes some time to serve from front to back. Many passengers do not want to leave the plate on their table after eating. Therefore, the cabin floor is everywhere. It is a leftover meal plate of passengers. At that time, the scene was really no different from the flight from India to Egypt, even more exaggerated. Another Chinese flight attendant girl in Tongfei said that she asked a passenger to pass the plate that was thrown on the ground. The eldest sister actually said, can't you just pick it up? ! Then the girl was stunned and said: Did I throw it on the ground when I gave it to you? ! The safe exit area is often larger, and then I saw a dozen plates that I had eaten. I swear, I have never seen that look before flying to Pakistan. I pushed the car past to ask the passengers to pick it up, and then found him closed his eyes. I ignored him and left. After a while I looked back and saw that he was awake and picked it up and handed it to a foreign colleague. An old lady shouted when I was three or four lines away from him, take it away, take it away, slow to death, how can I sleep on the plate here! The kitchen was extremely busy when the meal was delivered and received. The aunt who had just asked for the child came back with two plates and said that there was no place to put the plates and they wanted to sleep. The deputy said to let her wait, it is too busy and chaotic here. The aunt looked at the kitchen where there was no place to stuff her plate, and threw it on the kitchen floor.

After eating, everyone lined up to go to the toilet, not to mention the colored liquid in the toilet did not look like water. Because of the bumps, the safety indicator lights up. We broadcast in both Chinese and English. Please go back to your seats and fasten your seat belts. Do not use the toilet to avoid injury. The result was broadcast three times, and no one went back. Colleagues all joked, let your Chinese sit down (let your Chinese sit down). It was like poking my spine.


And so on, and so on, and so on. I always satirize the horrible toilets on Pakistani flights, the rude attitude of passengers on flights from Arab countries, and the plates all over the floor. That day, when foreign colleagues used "your Chinese" to complain about all this in the kitchen, I was very sad.

Although this flight is a bit extreme, it is not an exception. How many Chinese people talk to you with earphones, how many passengers speak blankly like Victoria Beckham, how many passengers stare at the TV screen and wave to you and say no need. Not only local tyrants, aunts, but also international students and company employees. During the New Year, I took my own airline flight home, and there was an international student at London City University sitting next to me. Although very polite, English is also good. But when she was collecting the plates, she stared at the screen and handed the plates piled up like the Burj Khalifa to the flight attendants. I already felt the countless horses and mud horses running in the heart of the Eastern European girl who took the plates. Whenever I mentioned that I was going to study abroad, some flight attendants would always be a bit disdainful to say that the international students were nothing but that, which made me very uncomfortable.But at that moment I understood that those disdain might not be prejudice and jealousy.

I often encounter some passengers who wear headphones to read or process documents. When the service arrives, they take off the headphones and wait for you. Even if you don’t see you, just say excuse me, take off the headphones quickly, sorry afterwards , Immediately sent a big smile, waiting for you to talk to her. At that moment, I really felt that this person was writing noble all over his body. On another occasion, the only person on the flight who put the dinner plate on the ground was a mother with a baby. When I passed by, she asked the eight or nine-year-old daughter next to him to pick up the dinner plate and hand it to me, and apologized and explained that she was holding it. The child needs to breastfeed.

Because of the limited space on the plane, the dining car is divided into very narrow grids. Each used dinner plate must be placed flat before it can be put in the car. When encountering mountains of plates, I am always very upset. Therefore, Indian flights are always maddening, because almost every plate that is handed back will be piled up in mountains, and many people on European flights will arrange the plates neatly and hand them over. On Japanese flights, there are almost no uneven plates.

I once told my colleagues that I hope that in my lifetime, I can see that my motherland can be as orderly and polite as Japan, recognized and praised by the world. A colleague said that he felt that he would not be able to see the motherland become Japan as orderly and polite as Japan, recognized and praised by the world.

The road to a strong country is still long.


Finally, add a short story. I often bring chocolates to colleagues in that class when flying on my own airline's plane. During the Chinese New Year trip home from Dubai to Beijing, I also bought chocolates. Going home from Beijing on an Air China plane, I thought, I brought chocolates to these ghosts, and they were all traveling together. Bring some chocolates to the Chinese flight attendants. However, I also thought of Air China's always stinking face, and I was afraid not to give me the chocolate. Finally brought it. Almost every girl was surprised, thank you endlessly. One girl was stunned when she saw the chocolate, and she burst into tears.

We are luckier than the girls from Air China. Although we will meet passengers who leave their dinner plates on the floor with no expression on their faces, we will also encounter clean facial tissues on the dinner plates that passengers handed over, saying thank you. service. We have more smiles than the Air China girls because the Chinese people consume their smiles.

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