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Supermarket shopping is the most essential part of everyone’s daily life, butHow can I save money to buy good things in Australia?

First of all, everyone knowsAldi supermarket is known for its low prices, If you buy self-made brand goods here, you can compare it to Coles and WoolworthsSave 23-27% of money.


But you know what,If a new Aldi opens, it can prompt Coles within 1 km to cut prices by 5%.

Secondly,Which is the best deal, Coles or Woolworths?

If you don’t look at specials and buy branded products, the price difference for a basket of $175 products is only $1.8, and Cole wins; if you buy self-made branded products (of course, the types of products are slightly limited), the price difference is not It's huge, about $5.16, orColes wins.


But who will not be attracted by special offers?Every Wednesday is a new wave of special events from Coles and Woolworths, Is also the real time to see the difference.


Australian Food & Grocery Council一直以来都在对各大超市的架上产品价格作比较,他们发现虽然Woolworths打折的商品比较多,但是Coles has more discounts.

From the perspective of the weekly Special, 20% of all Woolworths stores are discounted, but the average discount is only 30%;Although only 15% of Coles products are discounted, the average discount is 40%.

althoughFrom the low price point of view, no one can beat Aldi, But as the German supermarket giant Lidl is about to enter Australia in the future, a new round of price war is inevitable.

Lidl and Aldi have similar positioning, and they are also the main products at low prices. There are reports that Lidl has been in talks with the Victorian government, and it is visually expected to be stationed in Victoria.


The arrival of Lidl is a good thing for consumers, but it is simply a nightmare for other supermarket chains. If the station is successful, the major supermarkets are bound to set off a wave of price competition.

Sixteen tips for saving money in supermarkets:

1. If there is Aldi nearby, you can buy basic food there.

2. Don't go to the supermarket when you are hungry, you will want to buy whatever you see.

3. You can visit online shopping malls, there may be discounts, but pay attention to shipping costs.

4. Go to the supermarket before closing, and you will find some unexpected discounts.

5. Make sure to make a list before going to the supermarket to avoid overspending.

6. Cash payment so that you won't overspend.

7. You can buy the supermarket's own brands, they may be the same manufacturer as many big brands.

8. The bright colors and attractive fragrances on the front of the shelf are traps.

9. Look at the bottom of the shelf. The goods on the shelf parallel to the eyes are the most profitable supermarkets.

10. Try to put on headphones for shopping. The soothing concerts in the supermarket allow you to stay longer due to the slow music.

11. Compare the unit price of the product. Usually, the big package will be cheaper, but not all of them.

12. The promotional products of the manufacturers are usually placed at the corners of the shelves.

13. Cut and packaged vegetables are more expensive than whole vegetables.

14. Pay attention to the production date, usually fresh ones are placed on the shelf.

15. If the discounted goods are robbed, go to the counter and ask for raincheck.

16. Bulk cereals, such as oatmeal, are cheaper and healthier than boxed ones.



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