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In the process of studying abroad, many students have experienced the hardship of renting a house, so the editor summarized some things to pay attention to about renting a house.

1. Shared renting is a very painful thing-regardless of the gender, age, or sexual orientation of the renter.

2. If renting a house, try not to find an agency. In the past 3 years of renting a house, I have learned a truth: never underestimate the shamelessness of an agency. Finding an agency to rent a house is the beginning of your life.

3. The best way to rent a house is to find the landlord directly, but this may require patience. There are two reasons. One is that there are not so many landlords. More than 90% of renting information posted on the Internet are intermediaries, and the other is once the landlord releases it. Housing information will soon be entangled by countless intermediaries, asking to rent their houses on their behalf.

4. Generally speaking, houses with fewer furniture and appliances are cheaper, and houses with more complete facilities are more expensive. For this, we must settle accounts. You have to know that every 100 yuan cheaper in rent is equivalent to saving 1200 yuan a year. So if one house does not have air-conditioning rent for 1500/month, and another house has air-conditioning rent for 1800/month, which one do you rent? You might say that you can't live in summer without air conditioning. The fact is that renting the first house will save 3600 yuan in one year. Use this money to buy a cabinet air conditioner. After renting for one year, the air conditioner will still be yours.

5. Be careful when inspecting the house. Any minor defects in the house must be included in the house handover bill, especially when renting from an agency, otherwise you will have to rip off when you check out. If you are renting from an intermediary, you must write in the house delivery form when you find the following conditions in the house: any stains, graffiti, cracks, peeling walls on the walls; any cracks on the furniture, stoves, and other facilities , Damage, stains; any stains, damages, cracks on the floor, including the warping of the wooden floor, etc.; a tile is dropped anywhere, or there are cracks or stains on the tile; other things such as unstable table legs, wardrobe doors Difficulty, electrical failure, etc. Remember any problems! Anything wrong!

6. Renting is a very annoying and tangled thing, and it is also the first step for you to come into contact with this cumbersome society. You must overcome it, because after you enter the society, you will find that you have to face what you need to face when you live independently in society. There are far more troubles than renting a house.

7. Renting a house sometimes takes you a long time, so generally don't wait until the house expires in a few days before you run out to find a house. When your house expires, you will be homeless. It is generally best to start looking for a room about 2 weeks in advance.

Although the house is rented, life is not!

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