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The mayor of Melbourne (Robert Doyle) advocated a bicycle ban on some streets of Melbourne's CBD.

According to the media, Doyle mentioned this remark in a lecture held at the State Library last week. By Thursday, the media further learned that the ban stipulates that cyclists are not allowed to ride on the streets of Flinders, King and Lonsdale in the CBD area, and cyclists who violate the regulations will be fined up to 152 yuan.

However, Doyle himself tweeted that his proposition is not to impose a ban, but to "systematic regulation of streets applicable to bicycle riding", and the starting point is safety. He claimed that he did not want his proposal to evolve into a dispute between car drivers and cyclists, but he believes that the relevant restrictions will provide more safety for the two parties.

On Thursday morning, Doyle told the 3AW radio station, “The lanes themselves are very narrow, and cars need to give up half or one lane for bicycles. This can easily cause chaos and congestion. I actually don’t understand why someone would walk along King St. Ride along with Kings Way.” In fact, cyclists have better options than those three streets, and there is a bike lane on La Trobe St.

Melbourne City Councillor Cathy Oke said that she hopes to see the government encourage road users to give way to cyclists first, and does not support the use of fines to punish cyclists because it will undermine their motivation. She said, "We are encouraging cyclists to use some other streets. We have also set up bicycle lanes on some streets... We will continue to support cyclists to travel on safe roads."

However, it is worth mentioning that RACV has agreed to the prohibition of bicycles on the three roads. RACV Public Policy Manager Brian Negus said it makes sense to seek safe travel options for different road users. Cyclists can choose to drive on safer streets such as Swanston St and La Trobe St because they have dedicated bicycle lanes.

Niggs continued that the reason why King St is not suitable for cyclists is that the street has a huge traffic volume, and Lonsdale St has a dedicated bus lane, which is an important route in the east-west direction of Mexico City. There are trams passing by Flinders St, and there is also a parking lot. The roads are very crowded and dangerous for cycling.

Labour MP Richard Foster criticized Doyle's plan, saying that this move was extremely "reckless", "contrary to the will of the people", and was an "abnormal move." He said the proposal is ambiguous because the jurisdiction of the three roads is in the hands of VicRoads, not the mayor.

Helen Lindner, Assistant Director of VicRoads Network and Policy Standards, responded that the authorities support the mayor’s comments, but they will consult with people from all walks of life and advocacy groups to understand their usage habits before implementing relevant policies. And its security issues. In addition, VicRoads will also focus on the Strategic Cycling Corridors and Principal Bicycle Network projects to guide investment in bicycle infrastructure.

News compiled from "The Herald Sun"

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