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Picking strawberries, blueberries, and chestnuts are all over the place. This time I am looking for a new activity for you-kiwifruit picking!


What is a kiwi?

The Chinese name of kiwi is kiwiKiwifruit, Commonly known as kiwi. Most of the kiwis in the world areFrom New ZealandBecause it’s similar to New Zealand’sKiwiKiwi is very similar, so everyone calls kiwifruit kiwifruit.

Kiwifruit is the whitening king of fruits. Many people know that eating two kiwifruits in the morning after getting up can replenish the vitamin C in the body. It is a must-eat food for beauty and beauty, but do you know that kiwifruit can not only whiten Besides, many people actually use kiwi fruit to maintain their figure.

Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C, which can help whiten, nourish and beautify, and can supplement the calcium required by the human body, and can improve the quality of sleep. Kiwifruit contains a variety of fiber, which will produce a feeling of fullness after eating, which is a good help for weight loss. In addition, the fiber contained in it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and solve the problem of defecation.


Where to pick it? !

Monbulk Winery

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Address:155 Macclesfield Rd, Monbulk VIC 3793

phone:(03) 9756 6965

开放 时间:
Closed on Monday
Closed on Tuesday
Wednesday 12-5pm
Thursday 12-5pm
Friday 12-5pm
Saturday 12-5pm
Sunday 12-5pm

reservation:No appointment required

$2/kg kiwi
Kiwi wine $20/bottle
3 bottles of wine $50 [Buy a bottle of wine and get 1kg kiwifruit]


Rayners Orchard

This picking garden has many different fruits in different seasons. Not only can you pick fruits, but you can also take a sightseeing bus and enjoy the scenery at the same time.Learn how to pick different fruits,There can be up to 8 kinds of fruits at a time.

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phone:+03 5964 7654


Address:60 Schoolhouse Road, Woori Yallock, VIC 3139

reservation:Appointment required

开放 时间:Open 9 days 4am-XNUMXpm

Winter fruits:
TAMARILLO New Zealand Tomato
LEMONS lemon
PEPINO Ginseng Fruit
INCA BERRIES Inca berries

The kiwi season is now! Let's make an appointment soon!

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