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A magnitude 5.3 earthquake occurred in southeastern Queensland this morning, and the earthquake was felt in many coastal areas, and experts worry that this may be just a "warm-up" for a stronger earthquake.

According to the Courier Post, at 9:41 on Thursday morning, a marine earthquake occurred in the Coral Sea, which is 100 kilometers from the coast on the Fraser Coast. The focal point is 35 kilometers, and it reaches the coastal town of NSW in the south. The tremors were felt in Kingscliff, all over the Gold Coast and Brisbane.


It is reported that after the earthquake, people in many buildings in Bundaberg have been evacuated; train services in some areas have also been delayed, and the Sunshine Coast and Caboolture routes have been evacuated due to engineering work. To check the track was delayed for 15 minutes.

There may be stronger earthquakes in the future

A spokesperson for Geoscience Australia said the earthquake was the strongest in the region since 1901, but it did not pose a threat of tsunami.

Aftershocks are expected in the area in the next few days, and the on-duty seismologist Marco Maldoni of the Bureau of Earth Sciences warned that the earthquake on Thursday may be a precursor to a major earthquake and said "(Earthquake) ) Activity will gradually diminish, but this earthquake may be a foreshock of a larger one. But I can’t say for sure."

A spokesperson for the Bureau of Meteorology said that earthquakes in the area were "not unusual" because "there have been several earthquakes in related areas in the past two to three years."

The spokesperson also pointed out that Queensland residents will "absolutely" experience aftershocks.

Today's earthquake is also the second earthquake on the Gold Coast in two months. On June 2, an earthquake of magnitude 6 occurred in the area.

The people tell the moment of shock

Leah Madden, who lives on the Isle of Capri, wrote on the Facebook page of the local media: "My whole house is shaking. I was doing house renovations, and I thought the house was about to collapse. , Ran outside the house quickly."

A resident of Focus, who lives in a high-rise apartment in Surfers Paradise, said he felt the vibration when he was reading on his 18th-floor balcony, "it was like shaking slightly." This apartment was repaired afterwards because the cement peeled off due to the earthquake.

Lloyd Kahler, who lives in Burleigh, said that he knew something was wrong when he saw the birds in the backyard of his house "crazy". "First I felt that the sofa was shaking, and then suddenly all the birds went crazy. ."

News compiled from "News Australia"


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