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According to a rancher in Western Australia, the price of Australian fresh milk reached 1 Australian dollars per liter after arriving in Chinese supermarkets, and the price of Wagyu beef was as high as 15 Australian dollars per kilogram. After all, the price of fresh milk in Australia is 600-1 Australian dollars/liter, and the price of Australian Wagyu beef is 2-70 Australian dollars/kg. As the price of products in mainstream Chinese supermarkets, Australian producers cannot understand, but they are ecstatic!


According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, David Stoate is a beef producer in Kimberley and operates the Anna Plains Station in the southern part of Broome.

He recently visited China when the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement was announced, and he said that the value of Australian products in Chinese supermarkets was stunned. Although this is "puzzling", Australian producers face huge opportunities.


"I saw some Australian fresh milk sold for 15 Australian dollars per liter, and some Wagyu beef about 600 Australian dollars per kilogram. This proves the importance of brand positioning, and the added value of imported products is that they are considered safe. These prices are undoubtedly It is beyond imagination."

Stout said that the price of imported beef is destined to be for the top market, but Chinese consumers are still willing to buy it. "You really wouldn't believe that the price will be that high. Of course I have heard of sky-high prices, but I never thought that milk could sell for 15 Australian dollars per liter." He said.



He said that the annual growth rate of the Chinese middle class has exceeded that of Australia's population, so it can bring great opportunities for Australian producers. "This market is too large, and the best approach may be to form an associate or joint venture with Chinese importers."

He also said that the free trade agreement and strong beef prices may lead to more Kimberley cattle farms being sold. It seems that Australia's future is completely inseparable from China's development!

News compiled from "ABC News"


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