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Many Western countries now have some laws that are outdated and cannot be enforced, but still exist. Usually these laws will look funny in the current era, even if there are good reasons for enactment. Today, Australia, as another major target country for immigrants and studying abroad, attracts tens of thousands of Chinese people every year. Today, Australia takes you slowly to take a look at the laws that make people feel sad for intelligence...

1. In Victoria, only those licensed electricians can change light bulbs. So changing the light bulb by yourself at home is not enough, and a major function of boys is obliterated.

2. Also in Victoria, it is illegal to wear pink hot pants after noon on Sunday. It may make others feel too hot, after all, the weather in Melbourne is like seeing a ghost.


3. In Queensland, taxis must put a bundle of straw in the trunk. If a driver tells you in Brisbane that you have too much luggage to fit, is he really unable to fit it or is there a bundle of straw in the trunk?

4. When driving on the left, you must walk on the left. It is illegal to walk on the right. This is a left-leaning country.


5. In Brisbane, residents must sweep the sidewalks in front of them before 8:30 in the morning, otherwise they may be fined AU$5000 and an additional AU$500 for each additional day.

6. It is illegal to spit on any street in Brisbane, even on the bus. This one seems a little more reasonable... no wonder it can be kept for now.

7. In Brighton Beach, Victoria, it is illegal to wear swimsuits that expose any skin from neck to knee.

8. If you travel on horseback in New South Wales and then stop at the door of a bar, the bar must take care of the horses and feed them until the owner leaves. If this were in the era of American western cowboys, the cowboys would be happy and crazy. But why driving under the influence of alcohol is not illegal...

9. When wandering in the street, it is illegal to wear black clothes, plush shoes, and black shoe polish on your face, because the thieves in the past were dressed like this. This is a stark discrimination against all black people...

10. In South Australia, if you post a notice and pay the person you find, but you don't ask any questions about the person you find, you may be fined 500. If you lose it, you won't find it. That's what it means.

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