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Australian women are taking risks with their looks and their lives. When they undergo plastic surgery, they do not know that their doctors have not received specialized training and the operating facilities are not up to hospital standards.

In Australia, cosmetic surgery is now a billion-dollar industry, and people are diligently seeking to improve their appearance, breast augmentation, belly reduction, skin lift, and even butt augmentation.

In the past, 1.5 Australian women went to Thailand for cosmetic surgery every year, but this market has shrunk by 20%, because the cost of local breast augmentation surgery and the depreciation of the Australian dollar have made some operations more cost-effective in China.

Experts warn that the lack of training and supervision of the entire industry and the lack of understanding of the risks of surgery put Australian patients at risk, even if they are performing operations in the country.


In the past eight years, at least three Australian women have died after undergoing plastic surgery at home and abroad. Others have experienced cardiac arrest, infection with carnivorous bacteria, allergies and even tuberculosis.

Australia's medical regulatory agency and the Australian health practice regulatory agency are implementing a new mandatory "cooling-off period" for cosmetic surgery, which is 7 days for adults and three months for minors under 18 years of age.

澳洲整形外科学院的院长富林博士(John Flynn)说,澳洲的任何医生都可以在没有经过任何专业培训的情况下,宣称自己是整形外科医师。

获得审计人员很高安全评级的悉尼公司The Cosmetic Institute推出了5990元的隆胸手术,几乎与飞往泰国动手术的5000元一样便宜,震动了业界。

At the same time, the depreciation of the Australian dollar led to a 20% increase in the price of plastic surgery in Thailand.

Medical insurer MDA ranks plastic surgery in the most risky category, second only to obstetrics.

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