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Over the weekend, the management released a number of major positives one after another. After the major positives are released, how will the market react on Monday (July 7)?

"That's something about Hong Kong stocks," said Gelong, the head of the company: If there is no accident, A-shares will have a daily limit of XNUMX shares on Monday.


If nothing goes wrong, Monday's A-shares should see a boom in the XNUMX-share daily limit.

There is no doubt that we have just been lucky enough to pass a financial crisis. No matter what happened in the previous two weeks, it is not important anymore. Before the crisis became uncontrollable, the government made a decisive move. China, the big ship that needed to stop leaking everywhere, successfully sailed away from the center of the storm, and continued the nation’s dream-seeking journey with difficulty but tenacity.There will still be wind and rain in the future, but the risk of capsizing the ship is gone.

Positive one: 28 companies suspended IPO

On the evening of July 7th, the supervisory authorities once again offered a "rescue market" strategy, and the listing of new stocks was postponed across the board. According to Xinhuanet, 4 companies that have obtained IPO approval issued an announcement on the evening of the 28th, deciding to postpone subsequent issuance work, and refunding the subscription funds that have started the subscription process. Details are as follows:

Companies that have suspended their IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange: Dawson, Qianjing Garden, Reader Media, Bangbao Yizhi, Bomin Electronics, Taoli Bread, Sino-Singapore Technology, Mindset, Jingshen, Anji Food.

Companies that have suspended their IPO on the GEM: Meishang Eco, Shengtian Network, Tonghe Technology, Runxin Technology, Fuxiang Co., Ltd., Shanding Design, Huazi Technology, Zhongke Chuangda.

Companies with small and medium-sized boards suspended for IPO: Gaoke Petrochemical, Yinbaoshanxin, Kailong, Klick, Qixin, Zhongjian Technology, Huayuan Packaging, Jiuyuan Yinhai, Sanfu Outdoor, Wanlishi

These 28 announcements all stated that due to the large market volatility, out of prudent consideration, the issuer has suspended subsequent issuance work. The originally disclosed issuance schedule will be adjusted.

[Interpretation] What impact will it have on A shares?

8 suspended IPOs in history
frequency Pause days Period ups and downs
1th 98 65.75%
2th 96 18.36%
3th 128 -12.60%
4th 69 -13.57%
5th 101 -7.86%
6th 264 49.53%
7th 191 43.09%
8th To be determined Unable to count

Li Daxiao, chief economist of Yingda Securities: The suspension of issuance has been confirmed, which is very conducive to market stability. The management still adopted the proposal to adjust the pace of issuance. This is one of the most important conditions for bailout.

Li Lifeng, Chief Strategy Analyst of China National Securities Co., Ltd.: The suspension of IPO has greatly eased the pressure on the capital demand side of the secondary market; on the other hand, it also encourages medium and long-term funds to enter the market, and advocates securities companies to subscribe for ETF funds with free funds. "Blood transfusion" at the capital supply side of the secondary market.

Economist Song Qinghui: After the current market plunged continuously, the buying power of the market is seriously insufficient, and the continuous issuance of new shares has made the ischemia very serious. The suspension of IPO issuance has a great positive effect on the rebound of the market. The continuous daily limit of stocks is certain.

Good fortune two: 21 brokerage companies will enter the market before 1200 o'clock on Monday, with 11 billion yuan entering the market, aiming at 4500

On July 7, the official website of the Securities Industry Association issued a joint announcement of 4 securities companies. It is said that 21 securities companies have invested 21% of their net assets at the end of June 2015, with a total of no less than 6 billion yuan, for investment in blue chip ETFs. The Shanghai Composite Index is below 15 points. On the basis of the balance as of July 1200, 4500, securities companies' self-operated stocks will not reduce their holdings, and will increase their holdings at the opportunity. Listed securities companies will actively promote the repurchase of the company's shares and promote the company's major shareholders to increase their holdings of the company's shares.

According to a reporter from Caijing, the China Securities Regulatory Commission requires brokerages’ 1200 billion yuan to be in place before 11 o’clock on Monday, and the securities companies will advance funds into the market at the opening. The chairman of a securities company that participated in the meeting said, “Due to the rush of time, only 21 brokerage firms were convened first, mainly listed brokerage firms, and more brokerage firms will participate in the future."

[Interpretation] What is the strength of the 21 securities companies that have joined hands to protect the disk?

According to the data currently available, these 21 securities companies are the most influential companies in the securities industry. The first is that the scale of the industry accounts for more than 60%, and the net assets exceed 8000 billion yuan; the second is that the scale of self-operated stocks accounts for more than 80%, and there is more room for future holdings.

Yang Delong, chief strategist of China Southern Fund, said that although 1200 billion is not as large as the market's one-day trading volume, it has a clear demonstration effect on the market and can guide everyone to buy the bottom. The market margin balance is now close to three trillion yuan. These funds are all waiting for the market to bottom out. The market is not short of money, but lacks confidence. The government is currently helping investors rebuild their confidence.

Good for three: 25 fund said it will open the pre-term purchase fund subscription

According to the China Fund Industry Association, 25 public fund companies held a meeting today, and the participating companies initiated and actively implemented:

1. Open the subscription of the pre-term purchase fund to provide investors with more choices.

2. Grasp market opportunities, speed up the application and issuance of partial equity funds, and complete the opening of new funds in accordance with the provisions of the fund contract.

3. The chairman and general manager of the participating fund companies promised to actively subscribe to partial equity funds of the company and hold them for at least one year.

[Interpretation] What is the impact?

According to Xinhuanet, some analysts say that many stocks have shown investment value, providing a rare investment opportunity for hundreds of billions of new public funds.

Market outlook: Will A shares rise retaliatoryly on Monday?

Previous rescue times and A-share performance

Northeast Securities Shen Zhengyang: A shares are expected to start retaliatory growth starting next Monday

Shen Zhengyang of Northeast Securities said that a series of policies over the weekend were major positives. Regarding the stock market statement next Monday, Shen Zhengyang said, "Retaliation growth is expected."

Essence Securities Xu Biao: Measures taken over the weekend will stabilize the entire capital market and rebound

First, the entire management began to realize that the capital market had fallen to the point where it had to be faced and dealt with. In other words, this is not a problem with the stock itself;

Second, we believe that the purpose of these measures is to stabilize the entire capital market, at least to remove the current chain of leverage and liquidation, and then continue to coerce more selling and passive sell-down orders and close positions, thereby allowing capital The market's current panic-down situation is broken.

(Source: CICC Online; combined with "Caijing", China Securities Net, Xueqiu, Hong Kong stocks, etc.)

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