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Almost every Australian international student is very concerned about employment in Australia. Many students report that it is difficult to find a job in Australia. Is it true? In the eyes of Australian employers, what areas do overseas students need to improve? How to find a job in Australia with the right medicine? Let's take a look together below.

Why are Australian employers reluctant to hire Chinese students?

1. Lack of internship experience

A Chinese accounting graduate: There are not many employers who like to hire new people, because it makes no sense. Why should I hire you? Why waste time training you? Therefore, every employer likes people with work experience, and we have no experience. Life is also very difficult for us.

Employer: Work experience is very important. The internship experience outside of study will enable students to realize how the work process is and the requirements for them in different working environments. In other words, work experience will make students more prepared.

2. Soft power and general skills need to be improved

Human resource managers of medium-sized engineering companies: We like proactive graduates with strong communication skills. So we choose those applicants who show initiative, those who are still willing to express their ideas freely in a team work atmosphere.

Central Coast Hospital of NSW: To observe their behavior in the ward, we used all the methods. Because they have entered the ward, even newcomers will become team leaders in one to two weeks. I mean, they are responsible the moment they enter the ward. We didn't say that they could not be done, but at the same time we also hope that they can behave like real registered nurses.

3. Language barriers

Partner of an accounting firm: I asked myself "Can I consider the interviewer to be qualified for one-on-one conversations with clients in a short time?" If the answer is yes, I will let him pass. So this involves the issue of language level. Because it not only requires you to understand others, but also requires you to be able to ask technical questions and use relevant terminology in front of customers. I ask them to talk over the phone and behave like other employees in the company.

Chinese students: I think we international students should be more proactive. We cannot expect other people to take the initiative to talk to you, although many people are unwilling to communicate with us, most of them are still very friendly. They like talking and answering questions.

4. Unacceptable

Employer: You don’t want to hire an employee who is incompatible with your culture and/or skills, because if you do, the entire team will be affected.

Recruiters of the Big Four Accounting Firms: We receive hundreds of applications every year, but only 120 graduates can be selected. And there will only be about 5 international students. International students work very hard, but the company needs employees who can take risks, have initiative and leadership qualities. International students are not resolute enough, unwilling to ask questions, and unable to work perfectly with the team. These attributes have caused the company to raise the recruitment standards.

I believe that through the above four points of analysis, everyone has realized that there are many areas for international students to improve if they want to work in Australia. So in the face of such a cruel situation where there are more monks and less porridge, more wolves and less meat, how can you stand out and be proud of you? As the saying goes, prescribe the right medicine, let me share with you some useful employment tips!

How to succeed in employment in Australia?

1. Language

This is the most basic stepping stone for finding a job. If the language is not good enough, it is difficult to find a satisfactory job even if the professional level is high.

2. Internship experience

Many students are relatively immature in all aspects when they leave school. In addition to looking at your course results, the work unit pays more attention to your practical experience. Therefore, students should seize every suitable internship opportunity during the school.

3. Preparation before the interview

If the hardware conditions, language and professional practice are all available. Preparation before the interview is also very important. For example, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the background of the company you are interviewing, the company's institutional structure, and the position you want to interview. In this way, during the interview process, let the interviewer feel your seriousness and enthusiasm, coupled with the previous hardware preparation, the good job is immediately in the bag.

4. Be enthusiastic and active

Always remember that your attitude determines your success or failure. So, keep a passionate and positive attitude, who would reject you like this?

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