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According to the "Daily Mail" report, for public safety, the police will upload photos of wanted criminals to the Internet to remind the public to pay attention. Unexpectedly, a wanted man in Australia thought his photo was too ugly, and he boldly asked the police to change the photo in a wanted post on Facebook!

A 25-year-old Australian man named Daniel Damon was wanted by the police for drug and traffic accidents. Victoria Police recently posted Damon’s wanted photo and personal information on Facebook to remind local residents to pay more attention; The suspect, because Dimon was not satisfied with his wanted photo.


Dimon mentioned in a message under the Facebook post, "Can you change the photo? This photo is terrifying." After the police saw the message, they also replied, "Hello, Dimon, please go to the police nearest you Bureau, we will take a new photo for you!" Now that Dimon has been arrested by the police, the local police also announced the good news on Facebook, "Dimon will take a new photo as he wished!"

News compiled from "Daily Mail"

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