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PropolisThere is no doubt about the role of diabetes. It can not only enhance the phagocytic ability of macrophages and the activity of natural killer cells, but also significantly increase the production of antibodies, enhance cellular and humoral immunity. Propolis, which is truly adjuvant therapy for diabetic patients, should have the effects of "regulating blood sugar, immune regulation, and blood lipids" at the same time, producing powerful functional adjustments to the thymus, spleen and the entire immune system, and enhancing the body's resistance to disease and self-healing. .


So, what are the benefits of propolis for diabetics? Diabetics insist on taking propolis, which has the following effects:

XNUMX. Lower blood sugar and relieve complications of diabetes

The rich trace elements in propolis also play an important role in the adjuvant treatment of diabetes. In helping to lower blood sugar, every diabetic has a different effect on blood sugar. Generally speaking, some patients (type Ⅱ) start to return to normal blood glucose levels after taking propolis for a week or so. Unobstructed diabetes is accompanied by complications such as high blood lipids and inflammation. The rich flavonoids in propolis can regulate blood lipids, improve blood circulation, resist oxidation, and protect blood vessels; terpenoids have good sterilization and anti-inflammatory effects, which greatly reduce and avoid various complications of diabetes.

XNUMX. Eliminate inflammation and treat infection

Diabetes patients insist on using propolis, which can effectively prevent various infections and control long-term infections. The rich and unique flavonoids and terpenes contained in propolis can significantly inhibit and kill 25 kinds of bacteria, 20 kinds of fungi and many kinds of viruses and parasites. The test of Dr. Calder of Oxford University in the United Kingdom has confirmed that propolis has a stronger anti-inflammatory effect than aspirin. In addition, the proper combination of propolis, royal jelly and honey has obvious antiviral effects.

XNUMX. Regulate blood lipids and soften blood vessels

Propolis has a preventive effect on high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis. It can obviously prevent the increase of collagen fibers in blood vessels and the accumulation of cholesterol in the liver. Some diabetic patients insisted on taking propolis preparations, and the numbness of the limbs gradually disappeared after 4 weeks: after 1-2 months, blood lipids decreased significantly.

1. After taking propolis for one month, the patient's blood triglycerides decreased by an average of 1% and cholesterol by an average of 21%;

2. After taking propolis for 2 months, the patient's blood triglycerides decreased by an average of 34% and cholesterol by an average of 14%;

3. After 3 months of oral propolis, the patient's blood triglycerides decreased by an average of 36%, and cholesterol decreased by an average of 19%.

XNUMX. Improve energy and physical strength, eliminate "three more and one less"

The rich flavonoids, terpenes and other medicinal ingredients in propolis have the effect of lowering blood sugar alone or synergistically, but have no effect on the blood sugar of normal people. Flavonoids can also activate cells to promote tissue regeneration, and can repair diseased insulin cells. After taking propolis for a period of time, most diabetic patients recovered significantly, and the symptoms of "three more and one less" gradually improved.

Five, strengthen immunity, enhance physical fitness

Propolis contains flavonoids and terpenes, which can regulate body metabolism and enhance immunity. Propolis can significantly enhance the phagocytic ability of macrophages and the activity of natural killer cells, enhance antibody production, significantly enhance cellular and humoral immune functions, and produce powerful adjustments to the thymus, spleen and the entire immune system, and enhance human disease resistance And self-healing power.

— When is the best time to start eating propolis?

Propolis products are not medicines to treat diseases, but only have the role of auxiliary treatment, so in general, as long as you insist on taking it daily. The protective effects of propolis on diabetic patients are manifold, the most important of which is that it has a good auxiliary effect of lowering blood sugar and inhibiting diabetes complications.

Propolis can also strengthen the immune system, enhance the vitality of immune cells, and regulate the body's specific and non-specific immune functions. Propolis can also clean up the blood. Because diabetic patients are often accompanied by high blood fat and high cholesterol, and propolis has a significant regulating effect on high blood fat and high cholesterol, which is helpful for the treatment of diabetes.

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