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Retail supermarkets once again emphasized the [Limited Milk Powder Purchase] Policy

Due to the exceptionally cold Australia this winter, the production of milk has continued to decline, but the demand for milk and infant formula has increased unabated. Supermarkets have made it clear that they will continue their mandatory milk powder purchase restrictions since last year to ensure local supply. ; It is not encouraged to buy milk powder in supermarket stores and send it to overseas for sale. Selling without the authorization of a dairy product company is not permitted by law.


Simon Hansford, CEO of an Australian milk powder company, said that both infant formula and adult milk powder are in short supply in Australia.

The purchase restriction policy of supermarkets is treated equally, although this has attracted dissatisfaction from local residents in Australia.

Each customer of Woolworths Supermarket last year could only buy 4 cans of infant formula at a time;

Chemist Warehouse can only purchase 2 cans of infant formula at a time;

Each customer of Coles supermarket can only purchase 4 cans of infant formula at a time.

Australian mother Daniella Chapkoun removed three cans of milk powder from a local coles infant milk powder shelf, but when she went to the cashier to pay the bill, she was told that the store only allowed to buy two cans at a time. "I have 3 children under the age of 5. It's not easy to go out and buy things," she complained.


As for the reasons for the tension of infant formula milk powder, most of the Australian media attributed it to Chinese students and other Chinese purchasing infant formula milk powder in large quantities and then reselling it to consumers in China. Farther still, most Chinese consumers believe that Australian milk powder products are clean, high-quality, and pollution-free.

Hansford said, “China has tried its best to stabilize its own system, regulate the market, and produce its own brands, but there is still a great demand for Australian brand milk powder.”

Article reprinted from "South Australia Chinese Net"

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