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As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for what you pay for"! Expensive things are good! Yes, expensive things are naturally expensive, but they are not cheap and good! In Japan, there are many affordable and very useful beauty products. Today, the editor will share with you 12 affordable single products that kill big brands in Australia!

1.Blackmores VE cream

This is known as Fan Bingbing's must-scan in Australia! The natural VE cream recommended by Niu Er and Li Na! It is the only facial skin care product in the BLACKMORE family! The pharmacy has been out of stock. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this is also my favorite evaluation base, oil control and moisturizing, and it does not lose the base of brands such as cpb! It is rich in natural vitamin E and avocado oil, which can soothe the skin, and the VE component can reduce spots and freckle. It does not contain artificial colors and fragrances, so it can be used with confidence even if the skin is allergic or during allergies to keep the skin healthy. It is definitely the price of cabbage and the quality of the big-name counters. Those who have not tried it are recommended to start one!

2.ego QV cream

The star product of ego QV home, this cream is simply a plug-in, comparable to the big-name body lotion in the counter! Many Internet celebrities have recommended it, a can of 500g large capacity, very durable and convenient! Although the paste is thicker, it is very delicate and highly moisturizing. In addition, it is produced by ego QV, which has always been used as a cosmeceutical. It contains no preservatives. It is the best choice for skin allergies and pregnant women. It is recommended for everyone at home One can, absolutely cost-effective!

3. Australian papaya paste

This papaya cream must not be said much, it is a must-have among many celebrity packages. It has a history of hundreds of years in Australia and is called the "universal cream" by the locals. 1⃣Used to treat various wounds, mosquito bites, sun burns, and scalds. Summer essential 2⃣ is used for baby’s diaper rash, to help clean and anti-inflammatory 3⃣ lip balm, hand cream, facial cream, moisturizing repair, removing dark circles, deep moisturizing. Its omnipotent function, affordable price, is a single product that I can buy back infinitely!

4. Thursday Plantation Aloe Vera Gel

The reason why this aloe vera gel is on the list is because its aloe content is as high as 97.4%, which is nearly half higher than other aloe gels! Whether it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, calming skin, repairing skin, etc., the effect is much better! It can be used for mosquito bites, calming after the sun, minor burns, etc., put one in the bag and use it! This summer moisturizing effect is the best, and the price is very affordable. You deserve to have the "fighter" in aloe vera gel!

5.Thursday Plantation

This is one of Xiaobian's "Acne Removal Magical Device". It has a remarkable astringent effect on teasing wounds and disappears in three days. Girls always have acne for a few days every month. This Thursday farm acne gel can effectively reduce inflammation, cleanse and remove acne. It contains 20% tea tree oil essence, which can penetrate into the cortex, dry up acne, and help effectively. Control acne bacteria, clean the fat particles and blackheads in the pores, effectively inhibit the occurrence of small acne! Have one in your bag to help you through the embarrassing period~

6.NATIO Aroma Camomile Rose Toner

This is a cheap substitute for SKII Immortal Water, it is really at the price of cabbage. When you come to Australia, you must buy NATIO Aroma Chamomile Rose Toner, which can whiten and lighten spots, and has an excellent effect on moisturizing absorption. If you insist on applying the face once a day or every other day, after two months, it will be obviously whitening and tender, and the whiteness will be red. It is especially used to repair the redness of the sun in the summer, and the redness is effective within 3 hours, and it is obviously comfortable after applying it. It is a great repair after hydrating and sunburn! In short, it is a great item, the best choice for the student party~

7. NATIO Ageless Rose Moisturizing Mask

This mask is known as the cheap version of the fresh rose mask. NATIO is a natural plant skin care product highly recommended by the editor. This rose mask is rich in pure natural rosehip oil and papaya extract. It does not contain artificial additives. It improves the skin cell tissue and effectively tightens the skin. Use it after washing your face. Toner of the same brand, and then apply the mask, wash off after ten minutes, the face is very clean, moisturizing, white, tender and firm, pure natural formula, suitable for any skin type~

8.SUKIN Organic Rosehip Oil

SUKIN's skin care products are really the conscience of the industry! This skin rosehip oil has a powerful and unique effect to provide deep nutrition to your skin, promote skin health, help skin renewal and repair, and can also treat different skin problems. In fact, rosehip oil has long been proven to be an effective treatment product, helping to solve scars, wrinkles, sunburn, acne scars, uneven skin tone, eczema, dermatitis, radiation burns, chloasma, pigmentation-age spots , And dry peeling and other problems. It has soft skin, whitening, anti-wrinkle, and has a good effect on skin with stretch marks.

9.SUKIN moisturizing spray

This SUKIN moisturizing spray is not inferior to Avène's big spray. It is moisturizing and not greasy when used in summer. The moisturizing effect is excellent, suitable for pregnant women, no alcohol, it can soothe and brighten tired skin, and give the skin a fresh and healthy feeling. Contains natural and pure rose water and chamomile to calm, soothe and soften the skin. Suitable for hot weather, long-distance passenger aircraft and for setting makeup, easy to carry~

10.Healthy Care Lanolin

This is Lanolin from the best-selling health care brand Healthy Care! The only lanolin sold in Australian pharmacies, rich in natural vitamin E, moisturizing, easy to absorb, good moisturizing effect, refreshing and quick absorption, not greasy! It quickly provides nutrition and moisturizing to the skin. It is specially added with vitamin E and other ingredients to nourish the skin and delay skin aging. Long-term use can improve the skin texture and keep the skin smooth and elastic. I think it is the perfect product for neck and hand care. Recommend to the students!

11.Banana Boat Banana Boat Sunscreen

Banana Boat Sunscreen Series is a sunscreen product specially designed for babies and children in Australia, which can effectively prevent skin cancer caused by sunlight. Everyone knows that summer sun protection and post-sun repair are the top priority of daily skin care. The Banana Boat sunscreen series includes facial sunscreen 50+, sports sunscreen 50+, sensitive sunscreen 50+, daily sunscreen 50+, and aloe vera sunscreen. After repair. A protective barrier can be formed on the surface of the skin. Protect your skin in the hot summer. Super mild, dry and breathable, oil-free formula, non-greasy, does not clog pores. This is a pure physical sunscreen, free of PABA, fragrance and oil. The pediatrician tested and recommended that sun protection is up to 80 minutes. Sunscreen that babies can use, don’t be afraid of allergic muscles~

12. Swisse hot spring water cucumber makeup remover

The Swisse Hot Spring Water Cucumber Makeup Remover 300ml, which surpassed Bedma's evaluation by overseas Ins, is suitable for all skin types. It uses hot spring water base liquid and cucumber essence extract juice, which can completely remove facial makeup. The refreshing texture will not cause skin discomfort and soothe the skin. Cucumber and hot spring water are used as the base liquid. It is also whitening and moisturizing, natural moisturizing, and breakthrough Micellar Water technology can remove eye makeup, base makeup and cleansing at the same time. The price of cabbage, the student party should love it.



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