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Australia, don't be too headstrong! You have contracted the rankings of the world!

Domineering! Australian Contracting Global Ranking

The population of this country is only comparable to that of Shanghai, but it is in a leading position in many rankings in the world. To be honest, almost all of the world's rankings are contracted by Australia! Australia ranks far ahead in the evaluations of the world's cleanest country, the world's happiest country, the world's most suitable country for children to be born and raised, the world's friendliest country, etc.! Today I will mainly share with you one of Australia's many titles: the country with the highest youth happiness index in the world!


Global Youth Happiness Index: Australia ranks first



Australian education attaches great importance to children’s personal abilities and interests, and provides various opportunities for them to develop their strengths. In order to cultivate students’ ability to adapt to society, schools have specialized skills training courses, and some schools also provide opportunities for high school students to work. , So that students have basic livelihood skills while learning knowledge, and improve their employment opportunities.

Focus on cultivation of interest ability

Australia's secondary school curriculum options are wide and rich, and the curriculum is flexible and diverse. Students are allowed to choose courses based on their personal interests and specialties, and mobilize their enthusiasm for learning. Each high school has dozens or even hundreds of courses to choose from, from the most basic English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, to music, art, Dance, media, programming, etc., these courses can be used as college entrance examination subjects, students can give full play to their expertise in the exam. Are the friends tempted? The editor is waiting for you in Australia. It will definitely give you a perfect puberty experience!

Part of the material in this article comes from the first "Global Youth Happiness Index" jointly released by the United States and the International Youth Foundation.

Article reproduced from Australian Government Education Information

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