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Spouse visa fee increase


The Immigration Department stated that starting from this week, if the other half of Australians married to foreigners are sent in AustraliaThe application fee will increase by 50% when submitting a spouse visa, From the current AUD 4630Increased to AUD 6865. In January, the spouse visa application fee rose from 1 Australian dollars to 3085 Australian dollars, an increase of more than 4630 Australian dollars.

Rising prescription drug prices


From July 7, the prices of some prescription drugs will increase. The commonly used cholesterol-lowering drug Atorvastatin rose 1 Australian dollars; the blood pressure lowering drug Candesartan rose 2.39 Australian dollars.

Road toll


好消息是,悉尼的通行费基本不变。M7公路只上涨1分,最高收费为7.66澳元。注册牌照将额外花费1澳元,10年驾照费用上涨8澳元。如果你无License fees for illegal records can be halved.

Smoking ban


Starting from July 7, all commercial outdoor dining areas in NSW (including clubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes) will be fully banned. The Smoke-free Environment Act 6 stipulates that all lit cigarette products, including cigars, cigarettes, pipes and water pipes, are strictly prohibited in outdoor dining areas where food is provided and seats are available.

Jo Mitchell, director of the Population Health Centre of the NSW Department of Health, said the move was to reduce the impact of second-hand smoke. "Four-fifths of the people support this smoking ban, and the public strongly supports the implementation of the smoking ban in outdoor dining areas. Many businesses have now taken the initiative to ban smoking in outdoor dining areas, with good results."

Smoking within four meters of the "pedestrian entrance" is also strictly prohibited, which means that if you want to smoke in a licensed place, you must be four meters away from the entrance. Any individual who violates the smoking ban may be fined 300 Australian dollars on the spot, and those who ignore the smoking ban can be fined up to 5500 Australian dollars.

News compiled from "World News Online"

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