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The government announces the new chairman of the Multicultural Committee

Ms. Helen Kapalos was recently appointed by the state government as the new chairman of the Victorian Multicultural Council.


Ms. Kapalos has made outstanding contributions to the development of Victorian and Australian communities. She has served as an ovarian cancer research fund ambassador, an Australian community language ambassador, a member of the Big Issue magazine committee, and a member of the Victorian Farmers Association. Ms. Kapalos has more than two decades of experience as a reporter, presenter, director and producer. He also served as a director of the Cardiology Foundation and a director of the Federation Square management agency.

The term of office of the chairman of the current multicultural committee will begin on August 8 and will last for four years. Mr. Ross Alatsas will continue to serve as the vice chairman of the committee. The state government believes that the diversified background of the new chairman of the committee, successful media career and experience in important organizations and charities will help its leadership committee make more contributions to the building of Victoria's multicultural community.

Great Ocean Road cycling race on the world stage


Another sporting event has been added to the Victorian calendar. The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Cycling Race was officially announced to be held in 2016.

The event, named after the 2011 Tour de France champion Australian Cadel Evans, will attract many elite cyclists. The event held in the world-renowned location of Great Ocean Road attracted 2014 spectators to watch the event in 10. Spectators from all over Australia and 106 countries watched the live broadcast of the game on TV.

After being rated as 1HC by the International Cycling Federation. The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Cycling Race will attract world-class cyclists. A total of eight of the world's top teams participated in the 2014 race. So far, five of these teams have indicated that they will participate in the 2016 race. After this world-class event is held in Victoria, it will showcase the natural beauty of Victoria while ensuring maintenance

The regional economic development in the outer suburbs of the state has created numerous employment opportunities. In the recently announced annual budget, the Victorian government allocated 8000 million yuan in special funds to attract the world’s top major events and exhibitions to Victoria. Through various measures, the government will effectively ensure that Victoria is an important event capital of Australia. status.

State government project to control male domestic violence

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The Victorian government has increased its investment to reduce male domestic violence and break the vicious circle of domestic violence.

As several measures formulated by the government to tackle the domestic violence crisis, this year’s Victorian budget has allocated 100 million yuan to provide services related to domestic violence for male residents statewide. According to the plan, 60 yuan of the funds will be used for the very popular male behavior change training. The 27 yuan of the funds will be used for training programs for male residents with aboriginal and multicultural backgrounds. The anonymous and confidential telephone consultation hotline for male domestic violence will receive a grant of 12 yuan.

These government projects are an important part of the overall plan proposed by the state government to solve the social problem of domestic violence. The Ministry of Health and Human Services will cooperate with domestic violence prevention related cooperative agencies to ensure that these projects can accurately meet the needs of the region and effectively use government allocated funds. In order to combat domestic violence, the state government allocated a total of 8130 million yuan in special funds, and conducted the first investigation of the Royal Commission on Domestic Violence in Australia.

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