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The government steps up penalties for drunk and drug-driving drivers

The Victorian government will step up efforts to punish drivers who use drugs or drink excessively.


The new penalties will help stop drivers who violate the rules and regulations repeatedly. And as a supplement to the government's mandatory installation of alcohol locks for recidivist drivers and the driving training and education program. In order to improve road safety and crack down on alcohol and drug racks, the state government allocated 1500 million yuan in this year’s budget to purchase 10 alcohol and drug testing vehicles. It plans to conduct random checks on XNUMX drivers every year to ensure that alcohol and drugs stay away from Victorian roads.

State government advances preparations for new public holidays

The Victorian government has taken another step forward in the process of adding Easter and the Australian Football Finals public holiday.

The Impact Report (RIS) issued by the state government provides an independent analysis of the potential costs and benefits of public holidays. This independent impact report drafted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) is now available online, and the public can comment within 28 days. After consulting the public, the specific arrangements for public holidays will be officially announced on the government bulletin board.

The impact report pointed out that the additional two days of public holidays will create a direct economic benefit of $3.12 million for Victoria. In addition, the report also put forward a series of public holidays will bring economic benefits: estimated tourism expenditure of 5100 million yuan, 4900 million yuan in sports events and activities, increased international tourists and cross-state tourists, higher productivity and more Low absenteeism and more leisure time brought by long weekends create economic benefits and positive social effects.

The state government welcomes young people to apply for art funding

The state government has vigorously assisted Victorian youth in organizing community music and art activities throughout the state.

Young musicians and artists from Melbourne recently participated in the launch of the FReeZA Art Fund in Fitzroy City Hall with representatives of the state government. The state government encourages local governments and community organizations to apply for awards and hold free local production art activities in various regions.

The plan will provide funds to assist Victorian youth in planning and producing community performances to reduce the negative impact of drug, alcohol and tobacco on community activities. There are more than 400 FReeZA events held in Victoria each year, with more than 13 young people from all over Victoria participating. The state government will provide a series of application training and consultation lectures to help youth organizations apply for this three-year funding project totaling 720 million yuan. The deadline for applying for FReeZA funding from 2016 to 2018 is August 2015, 8. The selected applications will be announced in October. For more information about FReeZA project, please inquirewww.youthcentral.vic.gov.au/freeza.

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