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The government adjusts the structure of the multicultural sector

In order to strengthen the construction of Victoria's multicultural community, the state government will adjust the structure and responsibilities of the multicultural department based on the recommendations of the audit report.

The Victorian government has added 7400 million yuan in funding for multicultural and social harmony projects in this year’s budget, demonstrating its firm determination to build a prosperous, diverse and harmonious society.According to the 2014 Comptroller-General’s "Immigration, Refugee and Asylum Seeker Service Utilization Report", the Victorian Multicultural Council (VMC) and the Department of Multicultural and Citizen Affairs (OMAC) overlapping responsibilities and ambiguity in the allocation of responsibilities will be improved .

This adjustment will eliminate the duplication of responsibilities between the two departments, make the division of labor clearer, highlight the influential decision-making role of the Victorian Multicultural Commission, simplify the administrative approval process for government funding, and strengthen the Department of Multicultural and Citizen Affairs (OMAC) project effectiveness.The adjusted Multicultural Committee (VMC) will continue to conduct community consultations, surveys and research, and provide the government with advice on services and funding.The Department of Multicultural and Citizen Affairs (OMAC) will provide overall government policy recommendations, coordinate multicultural affairs between the federal and state governments, and strengthen communication on multicultural affairs between Victorian government departments.

Victorian annual youth council is a big success

Victoria’s 29th YMCA Youth Council has recently concluded. A total of 20 bills have been passed and approved by the Youth Governor.

The government congratulated the youth council representatives from all over Victoria and highly affirmed the high-level debate of the youth representatives and the accurate reflection of the actual problems faced by Victoria.The bill passed by the Youth Council includes the provision of free mental health first aid training in high schools, domestic violence education as a required school curriculum and how to control the impact of methamphetamine on the Victorian community.


The government has increased penalties for chaotic railroad crossing

The Victorian government will increase penalties for crossing the track when the level crossing gate is dropped.


At the level crossing on Centre Road in Bentleigh, two people have lost their lives in the past ten years alone, and almost twenty-five people have died.The government hopes to increase penalties to protect the lives of residents and reduce casualties.The government believes that the completion of the renovation of Victoria’s 50 most dangerous level crossings will greatly improve residents’ travel safety.The new penalties became effective on July 2015, 7.

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