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Travel and meet your beautiful self. When it comes to Tibet, I believe many people will have endless topics. There are even so many people who return to Tibet again and again and enjoy it. Yes, once you have been to Tibet, other places become generals.

Tibet has always been a sacred place. I believe that everyone has a dream of going to Tibet, but not everyone has the courage to go to Tibet, either due to time or physical reasons. In fact, many people have a kind of respect for Tibet.

NO.1: The most beautiful Lhasa
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While retaining its mysterious charm, Lhasa quickly absorbs the colorful cultures from all over the world. It can be said that Lhasa is the most suitable city for self-guided travel. No matter where people come from, this strong exotic atmosphere will immediately hit you. For a period of time, you look in a trance, as if you are in a dream, and the hotel gathering area where tourists from all over the world have gathered, and often makes you forget where you are-for this plateau and the pure land and it is so blue that you can't forget it for a long time The sky, probably no one can refuse.

NO.2: Nam Co
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Nam Co is the highest saltwater lake in the world, the largest lake in Tibet, and a holy place in the eyes of pilgrims. The five islands in the lake stand among the blue waves. Buddhists say that they are the incarnations of the Five Buddhas. Everyone who goes to the gods lakes Those who worship the Buddha will devoutly worship. The believers say that every time in the Tibetan calendar year of the goat, the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Divine Gods will gather at Namtso altar and set up the Daxing Dharma meeting. At this time, they will go to the pilgrimage and go to the lake to chant once, which is better than usual Zhuanhu chants XNUMX times, and the blessings are immense. Therefore, every April XNUMX or so, monks and believers will not hesitate to travel long distances to Namtso Zhuanhu, which is like a tide like a cloud, and the event is unprecedented.

NO.3: Ali
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If Tibet is the "roof of the world", then Ali is "the roof of the roof." It is very close to the sky and the clouds are very low; here is the vast land, the snow-capped mountains and the ethereal lakes; walking into Ali, it seems that time has flowed for 100 million years, just like entering the unopened world of prehistoric chaos. Facing the vast snow-capped mountains, people have become smaller and smaller, but their hearts have become broader. Walking along the way and feeling the beauty of the wilderness, there is only piety and awe in my heart. Carrying a ray of morning breeze and picking up a ray of sunshine, it feels so beautiful to float in Ali. Although far away from home, my heart returns to the snowy paradise.

NO.4: Medog
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Some people say that beings are like lotus flowers in a pond: some lotus flowers are blooming in detachment, others are submerged in deep water and sink into dark silt. Some lotus flowers are close to opening and they need more light. Before starting the journey of Medog, I must remind you that the road to Medog is very dangerous. If there is no reason to go there, please do not go lightly. If you really decide to test yourself hard, please make the necessary preparations, because nothing is more precious than life.

NO.5: Himalaya
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Away from the hustle and bustle, here is an ethereal blue crystal. The roof of the world-Mount Everest proudly raised his head, and the world was crawling under her feet. Dialogue with the sky, that empty free and easy, human spirit will reach a state of pure beauty. "The most people have no self, the gods have no merit, the saints have no name"-Zhuangzi's escape is sublimated here! Until then, you can truly understand the saying "If you can't go to heaven, please come to Tibet; if you come to Tibet, you don't have to go to heaven".

NO.6: Bomi
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Bomi County, located in Nyingchi Region in the southeast of Tibet Autonomous Region of China, is rich in water and soil resources and plant resources. It is one of the important producing areas of matsutake and morels. The quality of tea grown here is also excellent. There are also famous glaciers such as Kachin, Zepu, Ruoguo and Guxiang in its territory. These marine glaciers are well-developed and very spectacular.

NO.7: Nagqu
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Nagqu is located in the north of Tibet, between the Tanggula Mountains and the Nyainqentanglha Mountains. It is cold and lacks oxygen and the climate is dry. There are rolling clouds, sparkling water waves, rolling mountains and vast grasslands. From May to September, it is relatively warm. It is the golden season of grasslands. During this period, the climate is mild, the wind is beautiful, the grasslands are green and everything is luxuriant. People are happy with animals, especially the Grand Nagqu Jockey Club held in August adds a sense of melodiousness and pride.

NO.8: Mangkang
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Mangkang County is located in the Hengduan Mountains in the southeast of the Tibet Autonomous Region. It has been the southeast gate of Tibet since ancient times. It is connected to Batang in Sichuan in the east and Deqin in Yunnan in the south. It is the first stop of the Ancient Tea Horse Road in Tibet. Mangkang is naturally rich in tourism, with lush virgin forests and rich and simple ethnic customs. Mangkang has a unique way of drying salt in the world, the salt well salt field, Tibet's only ancient Catholic temple with a thousand years, and the charming plateau lake-Mangcuo Lake. Mangkang's "Guozhuang Dance" and "Xianzi Dance" are known as "the charm of ancient Taoism".

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