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Many people think that being young is their capital, and they do their best to work hard, but they lose their health. Before I got sick, I asked myself to sleep only 5 hours a day without exercising, otherwise it would be a "waste of life". I had no concept of the importance of health, diet, and sleep. I just felt that "it was fine in the past. It’s okay too.” It wasn’t until after cancer that he realized that health is priceless. “Working hard without caring about the body is not worth it!”

When publishing a new book in Taiwan this week, the reporter asked if he could give young people who want to work hard some advice? Here is my answer:

1Don't lie to yourself that you don't need sleep.

Both Chinese and Western medicine tell us that sleep is very important, including young people, and those who think that "sleeping for five hours is enough." Sleep is the best way to restore immunity, especially from 11 to 3 o'clock. Wake up in the middle of the night, don't get up, don't touch your phone, and swipe WeChat.

2Don't treat meals as feed.

Many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, eating while having a meeting are like feeding feed, "putting them in their mouths without knowing what they are eating", and often eat unhealthy foods such as pizza and hamburgers. This is very unhealthy, and it is best to calm down while eating for good digestion. If you really cannot change the "feeding" diet, "then feed vegetables."

3Exercise regularly.

If you want to maintain good health, you must exercise more, and you should do 3 exercises every week, at least half an hour each time. It is best to match "cardiovascular exercises" (such as swimming, climbing, marathon) and "stretching muscles and bones" exercises (such as Tai Chi, yoga, hand shaking).

4Stress doesn't just appear when you are in pain.

Don't think that there is pressure when you are in pain, and when you are excited. For the past 30 years, I have been under great pressure. I just didn’t realize it because I loved work. But as long as I have any one of the three symptoms: "head keeps turning, wake up in the middle of the night, and unable to fall asleep", It means the pressure is coming.

5There is no conflict between health and hard work.

Some people think that once "pursuing health" is a kind of health preservation, it will seriously conflict with hard work. In fact, there is no conflict between maintaining health and hard work. Eat vegetables regularly, increase sleep, exercise several times a week, and you can still work hard without an additional hour a day. In addition, health can be the pursuit of Lohas. Sometimes you can relax and eat some food you love. Don't treat health maintenance as a "punishment."

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