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Just a few days ago, I was just happy because the accountant was still in the immigration list! As soon as the quota was released today, I cried and went blind! ! ! The accounting quota was cut in half again! !


The Bureau of Immigration has just announced the immigration quotas for each occupation in the new fiscal year. The accounting quota that everyone is most concerned about finally has an answer!

Screen Shot at 2015 07-03-12.58.58

Accounting has been cut in half again from 5478 places last year, leaving only 2525 places! ! ! !

Are the accounting students heartbroken? ! !

The good news is that 1000 places are still reserved for the audit! Compared with last year, only 178 places have been reduced!

Screen Shot at 2015 07-03-12.58.58

This also reminds students of accounting major that they can go through an audit when conducting professional assessments.

For students who have not graduated, it is best to include auditing in their course selection!

Students who are still studying PY and NAATI, can only hurry up and make up points!

IT major

The little friends who read IT must be happy! The quota can be said to be very sufficient! !

The total number of occupations in each category exceeds 1! !

Screen Shot at 2015 07-03-13.08.10

For accounting students, when the quota is reduced, it is the time to put scores! 2525 accounting places means that students with 65 points will account for more! ! ! Friends! ! Hurry up!

For inquiries about other occupational quotas, you can go to the official website of the Immigration Bureau:http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Skil#

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