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Is this the coolest job in the world? Take a look at the father of 2 children, living on Lego building large models of Ferraris, cruise ships and opera houses.


News Brief 

More than 5 million pieces of Lego bricks are exhibited in the world's top exhibition hall in Sydney Town Hall

"Bricklayer's Medical Examination"-Ryan McNaught's complete works include 60 original works

Famous works include the highly difficult Sydney Opera House, the Roman Arena, cruise ships and Qantas A380.

The exhibition has kicked off during the student holiday and will last until July 7.

Imagine the profession of building Lego for a living. Unfortunately, most people don't even know that there is such a job in the world.

Ryan McNaught, from Melbourne, turned his dream into reality. The father of 2 children is one of only 12 Lego-certified professionals in the world, building spectacular large-scale models for mall showrooms, exhibition halls and event centers every day. (The specific information of the exhibition is at the end of the news!)

The exhibition, titled "Bricklayer's Medical Examination", will display the complete works of Ryan McNaught, including 60 original works. Each piece has a unique back story, drawing and brief description.         20150629073451_87779

The red Ferrari has a special place in the hearts of Lego architect Ryan McNaught, because it is a replica of the 1986 classic model of Philisbrough.        20150629073615_74179

Ryan McNaught put the last building block on the Pacific Princess cruise ship.

他最著名作品有高难度的悉尼歌剧院,罗马竞技场,游轮和麦克诺克的标志性澳航Qantas A380 — 一个奠定了他工作的模型。

"In 2010, I bought Lego for my children like every good dad. I used to do IT. I designed a remote control system for the iPad to connect with Lego," Mr. McNaught told reporters.

“当我编辑这个软件的时候,我搭了一个模型来演示。所以我有了A380,一个全自动的大型乐高飞机 – 轮子可以下降,机翼可以伸展,还有引擎之类的设计。在iPad上我有一张驾驶舱的图片,孩子们可以当飞行员。”         20150629073721_13795

This is a Lego Kangaroo, and all his complete works will be exhibited in Sydney Town Hall until July 7.


在世界顶级展览馆展出的一朵花 – 适合所有年龄层的人观赏,特别适合学生假期的家庭活动。


One of many famous works created by Mr. McNaught-hot air balloon.

These works are entirely built with Lego bricks. Mr. McNaught is also known as the Lego bricklayer. Some of his finest works will be based on local vehicles.

"I am very excited to launch the "Bricklayer's Medical Examination" in Sydney! I am very happy to put my works together for people to admire. This is the last chance to see the exhibition in Australia, and families who like Lego should not miss it! "He says.

"We received a very good response at the Melbourne Exhibition Hall. I am very excited to share my creativity with fans. I also have surprises for children (and older children) to interact with each other, so everyone can participate in creating building blocks and enjoy creation together Fun. It must be very fun!"

Despite changing his company job to Lego Studio, the model creator said his biggest concern is that a large number of 8-year-old kids want to grab jobs with him.


Mr. McNaught’s iconic work-Qantas A380.


The stunning Lego Roman Arena will also be exhibited at this event.


A representative animal of Australia, a koala climbing a tree, is also constructed entirely of Lego bricks.


A city model built by Lego.


A Lego-built boat is on display in Sydney Town Hall until July 7. This is the best time for family trips during student holidays.


The "Love Boat" built by Lego will also be exhibited at "Bricklayer's Medical Examination".


The back of the Sydney Opera House


Sydney Harbour Bridge-an unprecedented sculpture


An office building built by Lego is on display in the "Bricklayer's Experience".


Lego helicopter and lights!


More than 5 million pieces of Lego bricks are in the world's top exhibition hall in Sydney Town Hall.


Friends who are interested, can look at the following detailed information↓↓↓

Event details

Exhibition time: 

6月27日 — 7月12日,每天早上10点开始


Sydney Town Hall, 483 George Street, Sydney

age limit:

All Ages

Ticket information: 

Early Bird Family Ticket: $80.90

Early Bird Adult Ticket: $31.90

Early Bird Child Ticket: $19.70

Early Bird Concession Ticket: $19.70

Family Ticket: $89.90

Adult Ticket: $34.90

Child Ticket: $21.90

Concession Ticket: $21.90

Article reproduced from Impressions of Sydney


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