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Australia's national gem "Opal" is famous all over the world because it contains every color of the rainbow. In fact, according to aboriginal legends, these bright and flowing colors were created when the rainbow fell on the earth. Australia produces 95% of the world's opals. These fascinating gems have become Australia's unique souvenirs.


There are many types of opals, the most common is the white or creamy opals produced by Coober Pedy, and the more rare are the black opals from Lightning Ridge.


The souvenir "Opal" can be found in all major cities and visitor centers in Australia. When shopping, you can buy opals embedded in jewellery or individual rough opals. Black Opal is the most precious, followed by Pebble Opal, Crystal Opal and White Opal. This value ranking is due to the fact that opals with darker colors have more brilliant colors, although individual gems are not the same.


For an Opal adventure, you can visit the Opal mining areas in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. These mining areas are located in the Great Artesian Basin, which was once a vast inland ocean; Opal’s fluorescent blue-green colors and coral-like stripes inevitably remind people of this ancient underwater world. Opal is also called the "desert fire" because it is mined in some of the hottest and most desolate areas in Australia. The best time to visit the Opal mining area is between April and September each year, when the temperature is not so hot.

In the characteristic mining town of Coober Pedy in South Australia, many locals live underground to escape the summer heat waves. So staying in an underground hotel and visiting underground houses, churches and shops is a very special experience.


Tour the Opal mining area on the ground and watch the Opal cutting demonstration; rent a XNUMXxXNUMX off-road vehicle for a day trip to other Opal mining towns, such as Andamooka, Mintabie and Roxby Downs... These South Australian mining areas are jointly produced Most of the world's white opals or cream white opals.

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Black opal is the rarest opal in the world, mined from Lightning Ridge, 800 kilometers northwest of Sydney. As early as the nineteenth century, treasure hunters have flocked here, and now tourists have joined the ranks, and they want to experience the inland customs after the treasure hunt.


Visit the Bald Hill mining area and shop for souvenirs; or play golf in the old Opal mining area and relax in the artesian hot springs of the mining area; or stroll through the dented land and look for local birds... The town hosts the Easter Black Opal Rodeo (Easter Black Opal Rodeo) and the bizarre goat race during Easter, and the Lightning Ridge Opal Festival (Lightning Ridge Opal Festival) is held in July.


The Opal Road winds all the way to the inland White Cliffs, where it was once a flourishing Opal town, but now only a few hundred people live. It is a good experience to explore the deserted mines used by the locals to escape the heat. You can also admire the dark opal crystals (the higher the transparency and color, the higher the value).

Pebble Opal is unique to Queensland and you can find them in remote inland towns such as Quilpie, Yowah and Opalton. At the lively Yowah Opal Festival in July, buy rough Opal and cut and polished Opal, or go to Opalton, where one of the largest Opal so far was discovered in 1899.

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Look for Opals in the inland, or find your Opal in a city store... Either way, this unique gem in Australia will be one of the most brilliant achievements of your Australian adventure!

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