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According to the federal government's 2.46 million Australian dollar babysitting pilot program, an unqualified and inexperienced babysitter can receive up to 2000 Australian dollars a week from taxpayers if they take care of seven children at the same time. But the government's plan has also been questioned by related groups, saying it is "putting nanny and children at risk."

According to the Australian Report, the draft guidelines of the Federal Department of Social Services show that families will be able to hire unqualified friends and neighbors as babysitters and receive subsidies from taxpayers. The hourly subsidy for each child is A$5.95. Depending on the working hours and income of the child’s parents, the nanny can receive a subsidy of up to 50 hours a week, up to A$2082.

Both parents of the child must work or study more than eight hours every two weeks, including travel time, to be eligible to apply for a taxpayer-sponsored nanny.

The draft guidelines prohibit hiring relatives in the family as nanny, but it does not exclude friends or neighbors. Babysitters must be hired through agencies, but they do not need formal education or experience in parenting. Each nanny can take care of up to four preschool children or seven children.

Parents participating in the two-year trial period can ask the agency to hire their existing nanny, which can be a friend, neighbor, girlfriend, or boyfriend, but does not live in the children’s home. The agency must provide at least three nanny for each family to choose.

But parenting groups and nanny groups warned on Thursday (23rd) that due to loose recruitment guidelines, children may be put at risk.

Starting in January next year, this two-year, A$1 million babysitter pilot program will involve 2.46 babysitters and 4000 children, each costing nearly A$2.5. The plan will be evaluated after public consultation.

News compiled from "The Australian"

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