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The cold winter has swept through Melbourne with thunder and thunder. It's really too cold. Do you have the urge to go to hibernation every minute until the leaves grow new buds and then wake up? However, after discovering the following wonderful food experiences, I am not afraid of being cold anymore. . . Let's make an appointment with the foodies to sway together in the cold wind!

暖到心裡的热巧克力 Mork Chocolate Brew House

Even the most faithful coffee powder will not refuse to replace the coffee with a cup of warm hot chocolate with cream in this cold winter day, right? Then go to North Melbourne, find Mork Chocolate Brew House, and have a cup of Campfire Hot Chocolate! You will get an upside-down beech smoke glass, a few slices of smoked black salt, roasted privately-made sugar cubes, and a pot of hot chocolate~ all you need to do is to reverse the smoked cup Come here, pour the chocolate, look at the smoking little volcano, and insert the sugar cubes until it melts with the salt on the top! Very interesting experience! The shop is not big, but it will definitely make everyone who enters the shop feel very relaxed.

Address: 150 Errol Street, North Melbourne, Melbourne

Phone: 03 9328 1386


开放式壁炉边上用餐 Union Club Hotel

Although it’s a great enjoyment of life to grill by the open fireplace in winter, not everyone has an open fireplace at home, so it is better to find such a restaurant! The Union Club Hotel in Fitzroy is a great place to have a fireplace. Its atmosphere is very similar to a lounge. You can chat with friends on their sofa, or taste their gravy sausage and eggplant cheese at the table.

Address: 164 Gore St, Fitzroy, VIC

Phone: 03 9417 2926


冬季集市 winter markets

The local farmers' market should be the best place for us to get all kinds of fresh food ingredients! In addition to the well-known truffle season, a large wave of fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, gorgeous chestnuts, apples, pears, persimmons, and citrus with super vitamin C content are all available! If you are afraid of the cold, you can buy a cup of hot chocolate at Black Leather Creek Farm and then go shopping~ all kinds of pies are also good! The specific location and schedule can be madly poke the following URL!



奶酪火锅 Milk the Cow

Is the whole person easily depressed even in cold weather? Come to the cheese fondue restaurant and let the thick cheese melt your sorrow! Recommend Milk the Cow~ You can warm yourself up with a glass of wine with special spices, and then set the light to let the small milk pot slowly heat up, with soft candle light, tear off the bread and put it in the pot for dipping, Nordic style Minutes to come~ The store also specially prepared alpine accordion performances, and if you were not careful, you really thought you were in a cabin in the Alps!

Phone: 03 9348 4771

Address: 157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda and 323 Lygon Street, Carlton

超级靓汤 上海八月

Soup is the most indispensable food in winter. The Chinese people's soup-making technique should be second to none in the world. If you are too lazy to cook at home, I recommend this Shanghai in August! The bone soup in this shop is the strongest, most fragrant, and the best in Melbourne. The boss rejected all flavoring additives, but steadily boiled bones containing bone marrow for 4-5 hours to get this creamy white fragrant bone soup. In order to make the flavor richer, the boss added thick fennel, bamboo shoots, corn, white radish and goji berries when stewing the soup. The bones rich in bone marrow, coupled with rich ingredients, are especially suitable for nourishing and strengthening the body in winter.

Address: 19 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne 3000

电话 : 03 96903050


暖身威士忌 Bad Frankie

Nothing can make every drop of blood in your body boil like whiskey~ And if you happen to be a whiskey controller, don't hesitate to kill Bad Frankie! The interior collage style decoration makes people feel very comfortable. The staff at the bar are also very professional. The most powerful one is Sunday Roast Old Fashioned! It is even better with slow-cooked lamb and UFO sandwiches with gravy!

Address: 141 Greeves Street, Fitzroy

Phone: 03 9078 3866


打包去海边 Ellie’s Kitchen Foodstore

It may seem like going to the beach in this dog-like weather is really dead, but think about it, packing steaming food, driving to the beach, in the car, and watching the gray-white waves roll over. Too! I recommend Ellie's Kitchen Foodstore in the backstreet of Newport. This is a very popular store, especially the stuffed pies. The season's butter pie contains beef cubes, chicken and vegetables. All the ingredients come from the nearby agricultural product market, which is fresh and delicious!

Address: 45 Hall Street, Newport, Melbourne

Phone: 0410 733 713


传统烧烤 Middle Park Hotel

Glutinous baked potatoes, steaming hot soup, barbecue in winter is always a wonderful thing! The weekend barbecue at Middle Park Hotel has always been my favorite! The best ingredients in Victoria are selected, such as Gippsland lamb and beef. The environment is also very tall, the red carpet and wood decorations set off the temperament in minutes! The butter pudding and honey pie are also great!

Address: 102 Canterbury Rd, Middle Park, VIC

Phone: 03 9690 1958


丝滑布丁 Cicciolina

Winter is a season when you can eat desserts without worrying about gaining weight, so traditional desserts represented by pudding are very popular! Cicciolina's dim lighting, artistic decoration, and comfortable seats make it a good choice! The pudding here is made like a soft cake, releasing a sweet and strong aroma!

Address: 130 Acland Street, St Kilda, Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 03 9525 3333


This article was reproduced from Dianping Dianping Melbourne Station, edited by Chinatown


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