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According to the Russian news website, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Xi Da discussed the situation in China's stock market, and he also agreed with the Chinese leadership's calm approach to this issue. There is nothing special in this regard. Putin said,Despite the current problems, China is still the locomotive of the world economy.

Putin said at a press conference after the SCO summit: "I agree with China's view that the market has recently fallen, but according to the latest data, there has been a slight rebound. This is normal. I think that China used to be, It will remain the locomotive of the world economy in the future."

Due to the uncertainty of China's economic outlook, the Chinese stock market has fallen by more than 6% since mid-June. In order to stabilize the situation, Chinese regulators lowered interest rates and decided to consider the possibility of suspending IPOs. On August, a six-month restriction was issued to suspend holders from selling more than 30% of the same company’s shares.

Article reprinted from Dagong.com

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