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According to the "Pioneer Sun" report, believe it or not, these places still exist. This is not your imagination, nor is it a picture you have created. Take a look at the top ten stunning views selected by skyscanner.

1. Grand Prism Hot Spring- Inside Yellowstone National Park


The beauty of the Grand Prism Hot Spring is that the color of the lake surface changes with the seasons. This is due to the algae and pigment-containing bacteria living in the mineral-rich water body. The ratio of chlorophyll and carotenoids in their bodies changes with the seasons. And change, so the hot spring water body also shows a different color.

2. 智利Torres . PaineCountry公园


Torres . PaineCountry公园Known for its beautiful lakes, numerous glaciers and granite peaks that rise to the sky, it was selected by National Geographic as one of the "50 Places to Visit in a Lifetime", and was awarded by UNESCO in 1978 for its abundant protected animals Listed as one of the world's biosphere reserves. It is not only a good place for hiking but also a paradise for the world's rock climbers.

3. 玻利维亚SouthernUyuni Rock Marsh (to Salt de Uyuni


The largest salt flat in the world, the crusted salt layer will show a variety of random patterns, and the salt lake called "the realm of the sky" will make you forget all the language.

4. Lake Baikal, southern eastern and western Russia


Speaking of lakes, nothing is more beautiful than Baikal, the deepest and largest freshwater lake in the world. With a transparency of 40.5 meters, it is known as "the bright eye of Siberia".

5. Oasis in the desertHuacachina ,Peru


Huacachina is an oasis surrounded by sand dunes, quietly located by the lagoon. There are beautiful palm trees and exotic flowers around. A resort was built around this small lake in the 1930s. The endless sand dunes around are like paradise for the avid dune driving enthusiasts.

6. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA


Antelope Canyon is listed as one of the ten most peculiar landforms on earth, and it is also recognized as the most beautiful canyon in North America. It is one of the must-visit locations for photography lovers.

7. Dark hedge, northern ireland


Does it look familiar? If you are also a fan of the American TV series "Game of Thrones", you will immediately recognize that this is the Kingsroad scene. The beech trees on both sides of the road are intertwined and form a shade, making the whole road cast a layer of mystery.

8. Luang Prabang Kuangxi Waterfall, Laos


The calcified yellow pool rocks of the waterfalls and the blue lake water are one of the most popular attractions in Asia.

9. Lombok Chariny Volcano,Indonesia


It is not an easy task to come to Chariny Volcano, it will take you at least two days to get here, when you really come to Chariny Volcano, you will be shocked by the beauty here .

10. Door of hell,Turkmenistan


When you see this hot lava pool, you will know why it is called the gate of hell. This constantly changing and flowing lava pool will attract all your eyes.

News compiled from "Herald Sun", compiled and reported by Yiyi.com

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