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Part of the public secondary school degree full

Chinese students go to Australia to study in secondary schools. Generally, they choose Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and other big cities. These cities are more prosperous and there are many famous universities. Students studying locally can get a closer look at Australian universities. Circumstances, to help you better choose a suitable college to study.

At present, the secondary schools that clearly stated that the enrollment in January, April, and July of 2016 were full, including the 1th grade of the Sydney Public Chatswood High School in NSW, and the 4th grade of the Melbourne Public Camberwell High School.

"Starting from last year, Chinese students can apply for courses of grade 7 and above in Australia, that is, go to Australia to study junior high school after graduating from elementary school. This is one of the reasons for the soaring number of secondary schools in Australia." Periton Australia and New Zealand manager Peter analysis.

In addition, the media found in interviews that the lower exchange rate of the Australian dollar directly reduces the tuition and living expenses for studying abroad, which is also the reason why families of international students prefer Australia. “Last year, the Australian dollar to RMB exchange rate dropped from 2:1 two years ago to 6:1 now, saving us a lot of expenditure.” said a parent of an international student.

According to industry insiders, most public secondary schools in Australia have strict control over the proportion of international students, generally not exceeding 10%. Therefore, in Australian secondary schools, there are very few "Chinese classes", and students can better integrate into the local society and make friends. Local friends.

A small number of remaining degrees can still be applied

Although some public high schools are full, the media learned that there are still high schools that can accept applications, including the more popular Australian Bowen Middle School, Stermore Middle School, Camberwell Middle School, Dencaster Middle School, Box Hill Middle School, etc.

If you want to catch up with students enrolled this year, industry insiders suggest that Chinese students can choose high schools that currently have a small number of remaining degrees, including the NSW government public high schools, Canberra government public high schools, or apply for private high schools. "If you are a family with better financial conditions, you can choose a private high school for your child. The hardware facilities of Australian private high schools are better than public high schools, and the enrollment rate of excellent private high schools is as high as 95%." Peter suggested.

Application for 2017 degree requires preparation in advance

Due to the large number of students applying for public secondary schools in the NSW government in Australia, the industry still reminds students who are interested in applying for a 2017 degree, it is best to start preparing now and submit their usual secondary school results before September this year to apply. That is to say, students who want to study the 9th grade (equivalent to Chinese domestic high school) courses in 2017 government public middle schools must apply in time for the first year of middle school in China, so that they can finish the third year of middle school in China. Successfully join the 10 Australian high school curriculum, otherwise they can only postpone their studies. If you want to enroll in the seventh grade of public middle school in 2017 (equivalent to the first grade in China), you must apply in the fourth grade of elementary school before you have the opportunity to enter.

It is reported that Chinese students who provide 75 points of usual scores in the first two years can take the route of free IELTS/TOEFL scores, and can enter middle school courses after 4-20 weeks of language courses. If students have IELTS and TOEFL scores, language courses can also be exempted.

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