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I don’t know how many friends are the same as the editor. After coming to Maoben for so long, I walked in countless times and wanted to be close.Crown, the largest casino in the southern hemisphereGamble! However, onlySlot machine! ! ! ! (Raise your hand if you were shot!) What should I do if there are so many games in the casino? ! The studious editor broke out and taught it all at onceCasino Collection! ! All game rules are here! ! ! (If you win, please privately write to the editor.)

Why does Maoben have to take a gamble?
Melbourne Crown Casino (Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex) isThe largest casino in the southern hemisphere!Australia Wang Jianlin-Kelly ParkerOwned!
This golf casino casino has2500 slot machines and an amazing 350 gaming tablesThere is no doubt that this is a paradise for gamblers! The gaming tables of Crown Casino offer fast roulette, baccarat, craps, poker, blackjack and other games!
In addition to gambling halls, there are alsoSmall themed casino: The intricate and exquisite Teak Room (Teak Room), the charming Las Vegas Room (Las Vegas Room) and the exquisite Mahogany Room (Mahogany Room).
So far, people who go to casinos to gamble have reached1.4 million people, Crown Casino has become Victoria’s largest tourist attraction. Every week, there are8 vehiclesIn and out.
The highlight is coming! ! Crown main games and how to play:out_and_about_melbourne_007
When you go to a casino, you have to change your chips first.

Editor's note:Use your passport to apply for Crown membership and get a $10 voucher! ! It can be used directly for gambling! ! !

Slot machine
One-arm bandit is one of the few in CrownNo need to redeem chipsYou can use the machine. In other words, you can play slot machines if you have change! The slot machine has three glass frames with different patterns. After inserting the coin, press the button and it will start to spin. If there are specific patterns (such as three identical), the money will be spit out. The more the same patterns appear, the more the bonus will be. high. Slot machine can be said to beCasino entry levelGame, simple and low chips, it can be called a game that children can play (though they can't get in, cough)!
Roulette Roulette
The basic rule of the game is this, there is a turntable next to the gaming table, and the turntable is evenly distributedThere are 0 numbers from 36 to 37, When the turntable turns up and then stops, theThe number pointed to by the pointer is the "winning number", There are numbers written in the dense grids on the gaming table. Before the roulette wheel rotates, the player has to choose the number he likes, put the chips in the corresponding grid, and finally, if the number pointed to on the roulette wheel is guessed , You can make a fortune, if you guess wrong, the chips will be handed over to the casino. Specifically, the odds for this game are1: 35, That is, if you win, 1 dollar can become 36 dollars. The rules of roulette are simple, the odds are high, but it is very difficult to win, but you can try to press a few more numbers at a time, the odds are much higher!

Baccarat Baccarat
Baccarat, or baccarat in English, means "0" in Italian. It originated from a card game in France. Baccarat is divided into banker and player. The dealer will send two cards each of "banker" and "player". The family with a total of 9 points or the closest to 9 points wins. Participants can bet on banker win, player win, and tie. There are great gods who provide tips for playing baccarat:See village and village, see leisure and leisure, see jump and jump, don't fight indiscriminately. Be patient, calmly look for "the table that is winning," and then place your bets decisively. Don't be impatient, focus on flat bets and fine-tune appropriately.PS: In the movie "The God of Gamblers", the God of Gamblers played by Chow Yun-fat can predict in advance the number of the cards with the back face up, smiling and saying "XNUMX million dollars, I follow". However, such a scenario will never happen in the real world. No matter what gambling game it is, the outcome of every gambling game is uncertain and no one can predict it. Knowledge of mathematics can only prove that some gambling games do not have skills, at most it can help players slightly increase the number of wins and reduce the number of losses in thousands of repeated games.


The rule of blackjack is this: the dealer standing behind the arc table will deal with each player's hands round by round, and everyone needs to calculate how many cards in his hand are added together (J, Q , K’s points are 21 points; A has two algorithms, 10 or 1. If A is calculated as 11 and the sum is greater than 11, then A is calculated as 21), ifIf the points exceed 21, even if the card is broken, Whoever bursts first will lose. The dealer will participate in the game as the banker. The ratio of the points of other players to the banker's points is greater than the banker to win, and less than the banker to lose. After getting two cards, the player has the right to decide whether to continue asking for cards. The player’s goal is to get the sum of the cards in his handTry to be as close to 21 o'clock as possible, but not more than 21 o'clock. The blackjack rule is not difficult, but it can be calculated, suitable for technical control and logic control to try!

The rule of the dice game is ifThe points of the three dice added together are less than or equal to 10., Even ifSmall;in casePoints greater than or equal to 11, Even ifL. Every time you can put a certain amount of chips on the gaming table in the circle with big and small, if you bet right, you bet one chip, you can get back two chips; if you bet wrong, the bet chips go to the casino Up. In addition to the size of the bet, the player can also "betting", that is to say, you can put the weights in the grid representing three 1s. If the final dice is really three 1s, bet1000 dollars, you can finally make a net profit of 15! In casino terminology, the odds for the bet size are 1:1, and the odds for the bet dice are 1:150. Some numbers from 4 to 17 are also written on the gaming table, indicating that you can bet on a specific number. For example, betting on three dice numbers adds up to 11.

The editor loves watching "The Deer and Ding Ji", where are you Wei Xiaobao at the casino?

Caribbean Stud
1501-Melb-Casino-CasinoGames-CaribbeanStud-Tables-974x676-01Caribbean Poker (CaribbeanPoker) is a five-card poker game designed toUse the five cards in the player's hand to defeat the dealer's card, and the team with the higher face wins.The gaming table used in the game is similar to the blackjack table, with 21 betting areas (7 doors). Caribbean Poker also has a very attractive secondary bet (ie jackpot). Players can freely choose whether to bet.

How to play: Players participating in the game must first place an original bet (ANTE) in the designated area. The dealer will issue five cards to the player and the dealer. The player will have five cards face down, and the dealer will have one card face up. Players can evaluate the cards in their hands and choose to pass or raise

1. FOLD (FOLD)-Abandon this row, the player will lose the original bet.
2. Playing Cards (CALL)-Players must place an additional double the "original bet" in the raise area.

After that, the dealer revealed his card. The dealer holds at least one card of A and K or higher in order to complete the game. Otherwise, all players can get their original winnings.

If the dealer is finished and the dealer is greater than the player, the player will lose the original bet and the bet in the raise area.
If the player's hand is greater than the dealer, he can win the bet equal to the original bet and the odds shown in the following rules to get the raise area bonus.


And the order of suit color is arranged as spades, red hearts, clubs and diamonds from largest to smallest.

Good technology and high IQ! ! If you have good card skills and good luck, then your wallet will bulge.

WSOP Bonus Texas Holdem

Texas Hold'em is also one of the classic poker games in casinos. There are at least 2 people for a table, and a maximum of 22 people, usually 2-10 people participate. There are a total of 52 cards in Texas Hold'em, and there is no trump card.Each player divides two cards as the "hole card".Five community cards issued by the croupier one after another.At the beginning, each player will have two face down cards.After all the betting circles, if the winner still cannot be divided, the game will enter the "showdown" stage, that is, let the remaining players show their hole cards to be higher, the player's two hole cards plus any three The larger community card wins, and the order of card size is: Straight Flush> Four of a Kind> Full House> Flush> Straight> Three of a Kind> Two Pairs> One Pair> High Card.Texas Hold'em is a very skillful poker game with a certain element of luck, but the players still rely onFight intelligence, use your wrists, use your brains. The rules are very simple and relatively easy to master, but there is a certain degree of difficulty in achieving proficiency. To become a successful Texas Hold'em poker player, you must not only master the basic offensive and defensive strategies, but also recognize the opponent's various playing tricks, and adopt different strategies according to different opponents. Only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win every battle. In the long run,Playing Texas Hold'em is like running a marathon. Whoever has more patience and high skill level will win. Unlike other casino games, winning is mainly based on luck..

Casino War

1501-Melb-Casino-CasinoGames-CasinoWar-974x676-01Casino War-Casino War is the simplest of the table games.The dealer will deal you a card, if it is higher than the dealer's hand, then you win!This game is all luck, suitable for casino novices!

Push Pai Gow
1501-Melb-Casino-CasinoGames-PaiGow-Domino-974x676-03-2Pai Gow is a traditional Chinese domino game.Each pair of Pai Gow has 32 cards, and the cards are arranged in different ways from 2 to 12 points, The basic gameplay of Pai Gow is toDomino points.Among the 32 cards, there are 11 types of cards in pairs, called Wenpai or Wenzi.The other 10 types of cards are not in pairs, and 8 of them have "corresponding cards" with the same points but different patterns.There is only one of the two types. This type of card is called Wupai or Wuzi.


How to play: The number of Pai Gow games including the dealer is usually 4 or 8 players. Each person takes four cards (commonly known as Big Pai Gow) or each person takes two (Small Pai Gow). Based on the ratio of the cards in hand to the dealer, the player can bet against other players or take turns to be the dealer.

After the player places the bet, the dealer puts all the cards face down and starts laying the cards, and then arranges 8 cards in 4 rows. Use the dice to roll the points, and then distribute the cards to each participant in order.

The player will receive 4 cards. The player can divide the four cards into two groups according to the cards. Then the two cards face down, and then each player will score the winner against the dealer. The winner must be greater than the dealer before and after. Losing after winning or winning before and after is a tie, and both before and after are lost.

After watching so many games, do you feel itchy? The last friendly reminder of the editor:A small bet is happy, a big bet hurts the body, and a strong bet is wiped out!

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